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Britney Spears suffers wardrobe malfunction at her Maryland Concert.

Wardrobe Malfunction

Oops!!! Yet another time Britney Spears suffers a wardrobe malfunction. In the middle of her performance at the live concert at a theatre inside MGM National Harbor in Maryland, Britney Spears accidentally suffers a nip slip. Read here for details. Britney Spears accidental wardrobe malfunction. The very moment when Britney Spears was singing ‘Do Something’ […]

Twitter crackdown causes lakhs of followers to top celebs.

Twitter crackdown

No, you can’t mess with Twitter. Twitter conducted a reality check today and cleansed it of all the fake users and duplicate account holders. In the major twitter crackdown that was closed conducted today, Twitter lashes out all the fake followers who have been abusing and misusing the Twitter. Twitter crackdown had a simple intention. […]

Nagarjuna confirms doing Bollywood film after 15 years.

Nagarjuna confirms

For those who thought it was rumours when news spread that Nagarjuna has come on board of the Brahmastra star cast here we have confirmation for you right from the horse’s mouth. Nagarjuna confirms signing the Bollywood movie Brahmastra beside Ranbir Kapoor after almost 15 years. Read here for details. Nagarjuna confirms the news before […]