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10 disappointing movies of 2017!!

With October gone we are left with just two more months of 2017.We did nothing amazing this year too but we haven’t done anything bad either as opposed to some filmmakers. Movies that wasted 3 precious hours of our lives. So here’s a list of 10 disappointing movies of 2017 according to IMDb and filmywhisky.

  1. Rangoon


This was everything we don’t expect from Vishal Bharadwaj, bad script combined with bad music. The movie is a proof that casting good actors alone doesn’t do wonders. Kangana was good so was Shahid and Saif but lack of a good story & execution made it to this list.

  1. Ok Jaanu

ok jaanu

Casual no strings attached romance turning to hard core love drama. No new story was what we all knew before we entered theatres but cheesy dialogues and bad acting (we mean it here) spoiled it further. It had the spark of Rehman’s music nothing else.

  1. Half Girlfriend

half girlfriend

Shraddha certainly has talent to keep eyes open in rain. But she seriously needs acting lessons. Half girlfriend was downright boring & one of the time waste movies of this year.

  1. Haseena Parkar

haseena parkar review

Shraddha yet again. She tried to move out of her zone of playing damsel in distress roles but her discomfort is largely evident on screen. Use of prosthetics for a fuller mouth and dark foundation to give her a rustic appearance did not add any charm to the movie. The courtroom drama narrates nothing of the making of female Don of Mumbai as we expected. So the audience rejected this bad ass avatar of Shraddha.

  1. Begum Jaan

begum jaan

A movie based around Indo–Pak division time. A seemingly convincing start to the movie ended to nothing. The movie did generate interest in viewers but the feminist quotient in those times defending her actions as to save girls in a brothel was too much to digest.

  1. Jab Harry Met Sejal

jab harry met sejal

Something we just don’t expect from SRK. When a movie team has three masters of their trades, the expectations are high but JHMS failed to do so. Halfway through the film we realize its going nowhere. A standard story and nothing more in this left us all sad to see SRK in there.

  1. Munna Michael

munna michael

Why this was even made. No logic no story, it seemed we were watching advert of of Tiger’s flexibility. Nawazuddin did try to make up the movie but failed miserably with that story. It was a big NO NO for us.

  1. Ranchi Diaries

ranchi diaries

Pathetic acting, useless script & useless execution all these sums up “Ranchi Diaries”. Even little or no competition can’t save this not funny comedy. We are still not sure why was this movie made and why actor like Anupam Kher bet his money on this. Say no more about Ranchi Diaries.

  1. Noor


Noor is a wasted effort of a story which can be converted to a wonderful movie. Although Sonakshi did her bit but the film failed to impress the masses & critics alike.

  1. A Gentleman

A gentleman

Handsomeness and beauty is what we see on screen but laziness and boring is what we feel as the story proceeds. A no brainer with dry humour topping is all we got from A gentleman.

This sums up the top 10 worst bollywood movies of 2017 till now. Hope we don’t get any more of these in the next 2 months.

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