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10 times Shah Rukh Khan proved that he is an awesome actor

shah rukh khan

Shah Rukh Khan a.k.a King Khan a.k.a King of romance is the one of the finest actors in bollywood.

He is a versatile actor .He can play any role with ease whether it is comedy,drama,emotion or action.

10 times he proved that he is one awesome actor.


1.Veer Pratap Singh in “Veer Zaara”

shah rukh khan in veer zaara

In one of the most awesome love stories of modern time Veer Zaara. He played role of Squadron Leader Veer Pratap Singh who falls in love with a pakistani girl name Zaara Hayat Khan. This is one of the most memorable roles of Shah rukh Khan.


2.Kabir Khan in “Chak De India”

shah rukh khan in chak de

As a Hockey coach in Chak De India. He played role of a muslim coach in Hindu prominent country.His efforts as a coach striving hard to make India win the Hockey World Cup is commendable.This movie strikes all the right cords.It is one of the successful films based on sports.


3. Ajay in “Baazigar”

shah rukh khan in baazigar

In just beginning of his career.He took a major risk of playing a negative role in movie Baazigar.

The gamble paid well and delivered an awesome performance.


4.Rahul Mehra in “Darr”

shah rukh khan in darr

This is one of the most dangerous love story. He played a psycho lover in the movie who is obsessed with Kiran(Juhi Chawla).This movie received various accolades & Shahrukh’s role was well appreciated.


5. Raj in “DDLJ”

shah rukh khan in ddlj

This movie is cult love story of modern times.This is the longest running film in India cinema history.

Raj & Simran became the love icons. It is one of the memorable roles for Shah rukh & Kajol.

This movie made them the favorite couple of bollywood.


6. Dr. Jehangir Khan in “Dear Zindagi”

shah rukh khan in dear zindagi

He gave a wonderful performance as a psychologist in Dear Zindagi. His role in film of a free spirited man who teaches a disoriented girl the true meaning of life. Shah Rukh Khan as Jehangir Khan help her gain a new perspective.This character is personally my favorite.


7. Surender Sahni/Raj in “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi”

shah rukh khan in rab ne bana di jodi

In this movie,he plays role of a boring man who got married to a chirpy girl.He tries everything to make her fall in love with himself.He transforms into a man who can dance & sing.


8. Rizwan Khan in “My Name is Khan”

shah rukh khan in my name is khan

He plays role of an autistic man who tries to bring change with his consistent efforts.He is wonderful in the movie.It is an awesome performance by awesome Shah Rukh Khan. This movie gives a strong message about classifying people based on their name & religion.


9. Amar Kant Varma in “Dil Se”

shah rukh khan in dil se

Dil se is a war thriller movie.In this movie, he plays role of an associate of All India Radio.He falls in love with a Suicide bomber.This movie essays the struggle of his one side love story.He tries to reach her & convince her. But instead gets trapped. This movie won various accolades & Khan’s work was appreciated.


10. Devdas in “Devdas”

shah rukh khan in devdas

This movie is based on Novel named Devdas written by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. Shah rukh delivered a wonderful performance as Devdas. He plays role of a lover who finds his solace in Alcohol. His acting made the audience spell bound.


Apart from these, Shah Rukh Khan has given various other memorable roles.

No doubt he is known as “King Khan”.

He is the best Khan in bollywood.

We hope that he keeps on entertaining us with his superb acting skills.


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