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13 Reasons to gear up for ‘13 Reasons Why Season 2’ series

13 Reasons Why Season

The controversial Netflix show 13 Reasons Why is coming back with a bang this year! Yes, you heard it right! More teen mystery, lots of drama, crime and suspense will be seen in its second season which is slated to release this summer. The web series is a production of Netflix in collaboration with Selena Gomez, Brian Yorkey, Tom McCarthy, and Paramount TV. Its first season comprised of 13 episodes and not just it entertains youth and adult section but also focuses on issues like suicide, rape, and the importance of mental health.

13 Reasons Why Season

For those having less idea about the earlier one, in short, Clay Jensen (a teenager) wants to unfold the mystery behind her crush and classmate’s (Hannah Baker) perplexing suicide. He receives a series of audio tapes that unravels the mystery of her tragic choice. Interesting, right? Well, if you’re still not convinced as to why watch this web series, we have listed13 reasons which will create that anxiety and excitement to watch this entertaining drama:

13 Reasons Why Season

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13. Unravels the mystery: The upcoming show has been produced with the aim of revealing the mysteries depicted in the season one series, Hannah’s death being the major storyline.

12. We get to see some new faces on-screen: Seven new actors namely Ann Winters, Bryce Cass, Chelsea Alden, Allison Miller, Samantha Logan, Kelli O’Hara, and Ben Lawson will be seen in season 2. I am sure they are going to raise the temperature high and bring a new taste to the show.

11. Multiple Timelines: You get to see elements from both present and past. We get to see parts of Hannah’s life which weren’t seen in season one. Thanks to the creative directors for this smart idea of voice-over in every episode to engage the audience.

10. The music will soothe your ears: The show has some enjoyable music. There is a blend of both old and new tunes that will certainly be on your mind all day long.

13 Reasons Why Season

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9. Time to hear Hannah: The girl had left audio tapes for those whom she believed are responsible for the suicidal action. Maybe they are an act of revenge. Well, only Hannah and time can tell. So it’s time to hear her point of view about the world.

8. Goes beyond a simple high school play: In addition to the complex nature of the characters, the issue of suicide makes the show go beyond a simple high school drama. Although the focus is on teenagers, the story affects other stakeholders in the community such as parents, teachers, and businesses because they too suffer loss.

7. Exceptionally good actors: Not just Hannah and Clay are outstanding, the other young talented actors will not leave a chance to disappoint the audience, and I am sure! They will only add a tinge of spice to the show.

6. A Netflix release: Especially from teens, this show gained immediate attention when it was released. The tactical mix of mystery, teenage drama, excitement, and the revelation of the mysteries makes the show worth watching and Netflix being our favorite place to watch series, it will be available there.

5. A little dose of awareness, anyone? Watching the show will make you aware of the serious societal and personal issues such as sexual assault, suicides, depression and self-harm.

4. You can easily relate: The series is quite relatable with the everyday experiences of adults with their family and friends. The show carries the message that you are not alone when it comes to some of those painful experiences in life. And also teaches us to value life and be careful with other people.

13 Reasons Why Season


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3. Focuses on discussing issues with parents/guardians: After watching the show people will realize how important it is for parents also to discuss certain profound matters which can affect their child. Teenagers need more parental support than other ones. They have to be addressed in time.

2. Nurtures social and emotional intelligence: 13 Reasons Why Season 2 apart from creating social and emotional awareness; also emphasizes on the need for communication between people. It also underlines the importance of teaching social and emotional skills in schools.

1. Changes your attitude towards people: The show imparts in us an attitude that everything we do or say about people is important. We may not understand the problems that some people are going through, but the way we treat each other matters very much. Being good, being available and taking good care of each other is an essential attitude of life.

(P.S: The show is based on Jay Asher’s 2007 novel ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’)

Now that you’re convinced don’t forget to watch the second season and find answers to all the questions. Do let us know if you liked it!

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