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4 times Yami Gautam died/almost died in her film

yami gautam

Yami Gautam is one of the prettiest lady of btown.

She is not that old in industry.

But she has done a lot of role in films in which she either dies or is very close to dying.

Its very confusing why does filmmakers want to make a pretty character like her die in almost every other film.

She made her debut in bollywood with Vicky Donor.

All of a sudden she became heart throb of the country.

But soon after she started dying in films.

In most of her films,either hero is taking revenge of her death or trying to save her.

In a span of 05 years, she has already worked in 04 such movies.

Here are all those movies:


Varun Dhawan & Yami Gautam had a wonderful chemistry in the film. But the plot of the film had other plans.

A cute looking couple meets bad fate.

One dies literally & one dies of lonely feeling and ends up taking revenge with person possible.

Disturbing much?

yami gautam


Hrithik Roshan & Yami Gautam looked like a perfect couple in this. They complemented each other so well.

Even though they were blind,they were adorable together.

Such a waste of chemistry for sake of plot …:P

yami gautam

Sanam Re

This one tried to be a romantic movie. But it ended up being a little f****d up.

In entire movie, Pulkit’s character keeps on looking for Yami, who is terminally ill.

In the end, he saves Yami and dies himself.

Not an interesting plot and not a good end.

yami gautam


Action Jackson

This one was crazy. In entire movie ajay keeps on saving Yami from Goons who were once partner of Ajay.

In this she almost dies twice.

yami gautam

I guess she is making record of such films.

We love you Yami, we are done watching you die at a crucial stage of a movie everytime.

We wish to see you in more enticing & more fulfilling roles.


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