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5 Bollywood Movies that showcased LGBT gracefully


Today was a landmark day in the history of Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender group as the Supreme Court scrapped the section 377 partially in its recent judgement. Earlier it used to be a penal offense for consensual sex between same sex adults. But thankfully to the 5 judges bench yesterday the LGBT group recieves rightfully deserved respect and dignity.

Though it has been legalised by the Supreme Court but it’s a long way to go for the society to accept the LGBT group. When it comes to Bollywood it’s even a longer journey. We have seen over the years that they are presented as a very disgusting and funny characters in the movies. Though we are light years away from a situation where we’ll get to see some LGBT person playing the lead role in the mainstream Bollywood. We do have certain rays of Hope from the past.

Here are 5 Bollywood films that showcased LGBT very gracefully and laid emphasis on the laws of Victorian era that needs to undergo a change now.

Angry Indian Goddesses.

Angry Indian Goddesses

In this movie a woman (Sarah Jain Dias), introduces to her friends her lesbian partner (Tannishtha Chatterjee). Though some of the friends were cool with it some others were really sceptical. The movie focuses on accepting a friend who has a different sexual orientation than yours. During  the course of film we get to see how moral policing on a lesbian pair becomes more important for the police than investigating a rape and murder of a woman.

Margarita with a straw.

Margarita with a straw

This is a modern day story about a bisexual girl suffering from cerebral palsy (Kalki Koechlin) who emphasises on being accepted in the family for what she is. A dying mother accepts the sexual preference of her daughter and leaves a ray of hope that the change may arrive in the world.


This film is about two women (Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das) who fall in love.  This controversial film throws light on how homosexuality is more than being a mere sexual activity between two people of the same gender. The flak that the film faces during those times only proves how intolerant we are on the subject.

My brother Nikhil.

My brother Nikhil

This film very sharply portrays the stigma that revolves around homosexuality. In this movie we see how a gay couple (Sanjay Suri and Purab Kohli) suffer strong cricitism from the friends and family for their natural sex preference.

Kapoor and Sons.

Kapoor and sons

This movie certainly changed ones perception towards the LGBT group. For the first time in history of Bollywood, a mainstream actor with such a stature played the role of a gay man in the film and that too so gracefully. There was no stereotypes or vulgar jokes being cracked on gay. No hue and cry is made around his sexuality and it is depicted very beautifully.

Are you happy with the Supreme Court’s decision on section 377.? Share your views in the comments below.

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