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6 times Priyanka Chopra proved that she can pull off any role.

priyanka chopra

We all know such a wonderful actress Priyanka Chopra is.In this article we are sharing the best performances of Priyanka’s career.

  1. “Jhilmil” in Barfi

priyanka chopra in barfi

An Anurag Basu film where Priyanka plays role of an autistic girl.She finds companionship in his childhood friend. Her wonderful acting & priceless expressions made it a role of a lifetime.


2.“Meghna” in Fashion

priyanka chopra in fashion

Madhur Bhandarkar’s ambitious project on lives of Fashion Models would have been incomplete without Priyanka Chopra. It was probably her strongest performance till date. Her portrayal of a Super model got her National Award for Best Actress.

3.“Mary Kom” in Mary Kom


priyanka chopra in mary kom

This movie is a sports biopic based on the life of Boxer Mary Kom. Film portrays the life struggles of Mary Kom in becoming a successful boxer. Priyanka has done a wonderful job as Mary Kom.


4.“Sonia” in Aitraaz

priyanka chopra in aitraaz


This is one of the boldest role ever played by Priyanka till date. She played role of a women who accuse his subordinate of rape. She had the most powerful role in the movie. For such a powerful role she received critical acclaim all over.


5.“Roma” in Don & Don 2

priyanka chopra in don

In this 1978 remake of Don, Priyanka played a cop. For a perfect “Don” she was the the perfect “Cop”. With brilliant performances from SRK & Priyanka, movie was able to match the original classic.

6.“Susanna” in 7 Khoon Maaf

priyanka chopra in 7 khoon maaf

This one is the most deadly role she ever played. In this she played role of Susanna who marries 07 times for love and all her husband die mysterious deaths. Her role in the movie can send shivers down the spine.


We just love Priyanka & these performances we just wish to see plenty of performances like these in future.Till then please vote for her best performance which is your favourite too.


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