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7 Directors-Partners duo who have been successful in creating magic


It will not be inviting too much of a debate If we say that the biggest evolution in Indian cinema has come in the past two decades when the new generation of filmmakers almost created audiences of their own by giving them fresh content in their own style.

Here’s a list of new age directors who have been the face of this change and the partners who helped them achieve with their collaboaration. The pillars who helped them do so in the form of partners, colleagues, admirers/fans, Friends and at times their own family members.

Farhan, Zoya with Javed Akhtar

Consider Farhan, the director and take yourself back to Dil Chahta Hai and Lakshya. Would the movie feel the same without the words “Dil Chahta Hai…. Kabhi na beete Chamkeele din” or imagine Lakshya without the motivating Title track.


Then there is Zoya with her iconic ZNMD, the movie that beats up a jar of vitamins when it comes to boost you up and makes you feel good. Refreshing are the songs in the movie but nobody can think of the movie without the iconic words written by Javed Akhtar which were narrated by Imran played by Farhan in the movie.

Father Javed undoubtedly has inspired both Zoya and Farhan to become better filmmakers by making them understand what fine words can do to a movie.

Anurag Basu and Pritam

 After movies like BARFI and JAGGA JASOOS it is clear that Anurag is one of the few movie makers of modern times who dares to experiment and has his own style of narrating a story. His bong brother Pritam da has helped him musically achieve his creativity levels with the finest compositions.


It wont be exaggeration if one says that Pritam has created his finest songs while working with Anuraag Basu. This duo has been so symbiotic in their partnership that they have always inspired each other to explore their arts to the fullest.

VISHAL B and Gulzar

 Vishal Bharadwaj has done some great work adapting Shakespeare’s famous works in his movies and when one is attempting to recreate what Shakespeare did, you definitely need brilliant writers around you and Vishal B had exactly that in the form of Gulzar.

Chemistry between these two is incredible and they have together come up with the most iconic songs of modern times from ‘Beedi” to “namak isq ka”


And then from “dhan te nan” to “bismil”. Gulzar saahab once said that the relation and bonding he has with Vishal is similar to what he used to have with Pancham.

Gulzar has had a very important role in Vishal Bhardwaj’s success for sure.

Rakesh and Hrithik Roshan

Rakesh Roshan before launching Hrithik was an established Bollywood filmmaker but after the success of Kaho na Pyaar hai the Father-son duo have exhibited the immense confidence in each other which has been the motivator for them to do more.


Although Indian cinema has not been a fan of Super hero movies in the past but Rakesh Roshan changed that.He launched the Greek God Hrithik as the masked super hero Krishh and we all loved him.

R Balki and Amitabh Bachchan

R Balki has been one of the very few directors in the modern era who has been making great films without any apparent grandeur in their scripts.And while doing that R Balki has been utilizing Amit Ji’s talent to the fullest in his Old age.


Inspired by his wit was his character in Cheeni Kum, then Balki again did the unbelievable by coming up with a script which suited real life Father-son to play Son-father in PAA and in Shamitabh Balki has beautifully used Big B’s iconic voice with an amazing script.

Shoojit Sircar and Juhi Chaturvedi

 Very few of Shoojit Sircar fans know that Juhi Chaturvedi has been the backbone of the gems of movies that he has been coming up one after the other especially since Madras cafe was loved and appreciated by one and all.


Starting from Vicky Donor, Juhi has been writing movies on human emotions and simplicity/complexities of relationships of all kind ranging from Vicky (Ayushmann) to Dr. Chaddha (Anu kapoor) to Bhaskor (Big B) and Piku (Deepika) and most recently Juhi’s pen and Shoojit mastery with his direction together pulled off the unimaginable Love story in October.

Karan Johar, SRK & Kajol

Yash Chopra has been the man who defined love and romance for decades in Indian cinema hands down. But Karan Johar re-defined Love in the modern age.

Calling Karan

Taking the most iconic Romantic couple of Bollywood SRK and Kajol,he taught us as “Pyaar dosti hai”.With changing time, he brought us the love along with family bonding in K3G. The love story he brought us in My Name is Khan, was his best treatment to the subject.

Who is your favourite?

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