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7 major Loopholes in Race 3 that has left us scratching our head.

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Salman Khan’s Race 3 is having a magical run at the Box Office all thanks to the fan following Salman Khan himself carries. Otherwise, the films direction and editing have so many loopholes in Race 3 that would leave you scratching your head. Yes, the film has managed to enter the 100 crore club in just 3 days and made & records already. The film is not going anywhere anytime soon so we have a lot more records to witness. All thanks to Salman’s fame and love. The film has so many loose ends that the makers have probably forgotten to tie. There are a lot of plots or twists that have been plotted but not justified. Those who have seen the film, just join us in our quest to decode the 7 major loopholes in Race 3 which have left us scratching our head.

#1 Can anyone guess who was Bobby Deol’s real mother?

Ok, Salman Khan, Daisy Shah and Saqib Saleem are real siblings and they are not kids of Anil Kapoor. Anil Kapoor has only one real son and that is Bobby Deol. But wait a minute who was his mother then? Anil Kapoor had killed Salman’s mom by slow poisoning so chances of her being Anil Kapoor’s wife are really scanty. And if at all Anil Kapoor did marry her for a son then why did Bobby Deol allow Anil Kapoor to kill his own mother? Maybe because he loved his daddy the most.

#2 The action sequence in Cambodia.

Let me guess, Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez were already wearing their wingsuits in the truck before the mishap!! Obviously not. So when did they actually put it on? And Salman Khan was busy fighting the Cambodian military men. When did he put on his wingsuit? Obviously, the editing needs to be blamed for chopping such an important scene and leaving the viewers to guess the whole sequence.

#3 The Salman Khan’s escape from the exploding car.

Salman Khan is shown enjoying the left-hand drive minutes before his car exploded. towards the end as he narrates his escape from the exploding car he is shown jumping out of the car from the right side. Who the hell has so much time to decide to jump from the opposite side when your life is in danger? So vague.

#4 Why the hell is Salman Khan dancing while his family is busy with the robbery?

The bank robbery is the most important part of the movie Race 3. So why is the superstar Salman shown dancing with Jacqueline Fernandez in the club on the item number Heeriye instead of being a part of the robbery? Whom is he trying to distract? Noone right. The song has been put in just to show off Jacqueline’s pole dancing skills.

#5 Salman’s unreasonable wait for 10 years.

Salman Khan knew from the very beginning that Daisy Shah and Saqib Saleem are his siblings. So why did he wait for 10 long years to reveal that to them? As we already know that Salman’s mother’s will was such that none of the siblings could be harmed before they turned 25. Unreasonable right.

#6 Salman Khan using a knife to shave.

Can anyone ever shave himself using a knife? Not possible right. You at least need a razor or a trimmer. Salman Khan is very special and so is his knife that is capable of shaving a beard. Salman shaves his weird looking beard with a knife to impress Jacqueline Fernandez.

#7 Is Jacqueline really a government officer?

And if yes then why is she not loyal to her work. Why did she not arrest Salman Khan and his entire family? Ok, Salman Khan did help in arresting a bigger villain Anil Kapoor, but that doesn’t mean he is not a culprit. If not life imprisonment, Salman Khan did deserve some punishment. What do you say?

Comment on the loopholes in Race 3 that we found. Did even you have the same question?

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