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7 reasons to watch Jagga Jasoos!!

jagga jasoos

A good movie comes in a form of a package.To make it good,efforts are required from everybody.Be it actor,be it director,be it screenwriter or anybody. Jagga Jasoos is one such movie with good efforts from everyone.

These are 07 reasons to watch Jagga Jasoos this weekend:

  1. Stellar Performance by Ranbir Kapoor

He is a wonderful actor and we have seen him challenging himself in many roles. In this movie he has played role of “Jagga”.He is a brilliant kid since childhood with high inclination of solving issues like a detective. He is one smart kid with strong intuitive skills. One more special thing about him is that he cannot speak properly, so to make his language smooth he sings. He is an adopted kid whose father leaves him for a mission . He grows up in a boarding school. While growing up, he learns special things from his father through Videotapes which he used to send him on his birthday every year. One day he gets information about his father death. He reaches his city and finds out a mysterious Pandora box in front of him. In quest to find his father he goes places. He has acted immaculately in the movie.

  1. Nerdy look of Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif has played role of a journalist who is covering a story of Illegal Weapon Trade in India. She gets stuck amongst the mafia & her endangered life is saved by Jagga. This marks the start of their friendship. The chemistry between the Jagga & Shruti is a treat to watch. Shruti helps Jagga in his adventures, which takes both of them to places.

  1. Saswata Chatterjee a.k.a. Tutti Futti

As Jagga’s father & as a spy, he has done a wonderful job. He has good comic timing & good acting skills.He is very attached to his adopted son Jagga. Even though he lives far off still he teaches a lot to Jagga through his video tapes.

  1. Wonderful Storyline

The story revolves around Jagga & his adventures which he goes through while searching his father. The story & screenplay are nicely written.

  1. Nice Presentation/Wonderful Backdrop

The movie presentation is very nice in form of a comic storytelling. It will be a treat for kids and everyone alike to watch this movie. Disney being a part of this movie gives it a fascinating look. The backdrop of hill stations & wild life makes it all the more wonderful.

  1. Good Direction

When a good director meets a good actor, the result is an awesome film. Earlier when Anurag Basu & Ranbir Kapoor joined hands, we saw Barfi. Now they have gifted us with Jagga Jasoos.

  1. Nice Music/Songs

Good music by Pritam Chakraborty & quite unique songs makes the overall music very special.

Besides all these 7 reasons to watch Jagga Jasoos. All those who were longing for a good film from Ranbir Kapoor, the wait is finally over. I am giving this creation 3 out of 5.

jagga jasoos

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