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Aamir Khan : What makes him different from others?

aamir khan

Aamir Khan, the actor we all know as perfectionist is one of the most influential actors of Hindi Cinema. He is listed by Forbes as “arguably the world’s biggest movie star”. He has been a pro in taking up movies with a strong social message. So today’s topic is why this awesome, charming and witty actor tries to do films with either a message for viewers or on some topic of national importance?

Not just movies his super popular show Satyamev Jayate (which he created and hosted) corroborates his dedication towards issues & plagues of the society. Through his show he tried to bring forward the people who were trying to make a difference in society. The show was a big success.

Aamir Khan : The Social Actor

After his blockbuster movie Lagaan, Aamir Khan took a four year break (after Divorce from his first wife Reena Datta). After that, he returned to big screen the movie Rang de Basanti and Fanaa in 2006. These movies marked the beginning of him as a socially responsible actor. Beyond movies, Aamir is a humanitarian activist, and can be called a social reformer.

He spoke for various social causes at multiple platforms, some of which have sparked political controversies. Most recent was on Intolerance in India. Time Magazine Asia posted Aamir Khan’s image  on the cover page and titled it “Khan’s Quest” – “He is breaking the Bollywood mold by tackling India’s social evils”. He has also actively participated in other socio-political movements such as Narmada Bhachao Andolan and Janlokpal Bill movement.

Opinion & Statements

So,why such a popular actor is involved in social causes and indulges in making movies with a cause or a lesson. In one of his rare interviews (with NDTV) he mentioned, “If box office numbers go up after the release that’s an indication that word of mouth is good. I am not interested in hitting a record or a high mark with the number. How does it matter if a film makes 100 crore or 115 crore or 95 crore? It doesn’t matter”.

In another interview with The Hindu, he explained his position and said that as an entertainer he has a much larger role to play in society. According to him his role is to brings grace to society, to instill humanity in people and to inculcate good values in the youngsters. For him a role that aids in nation-building and work towards developing a healthy and progressive society is important.

With this thought the awesome actor selects his movies. We all at filmywhisky respect & salute his opinion.

PS: With current choice of movies, we feel Akshay Kumar is also a socially responsible actor. If you think the same comment below.

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