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Aiyaary: Release Date To Be Postponed Once Again!!!


IMG SRC: newindianexpress.com (Aiyaary)

It seems for bollywood 2018 is all about postponement or is it a new marketing strategy? So the news is that following the trend, Siddhart Malhotra-Manoj Bajpayee starrer Aiyaary is eyeing a new release date.

Initially it was hoping for a republic day release but shifted to 9th february to avoid clashing with Padman. Thanks to Akshay Kumar, the famous Padman sacrifice happened for Padmaavat (CLICK HERE for review). The situation once again brought Padman clashing with Aiyaary for Box office.

IMG SRC: hindustantimes.com

So now Aiyaary is looking for another release date. Though the reasons cited are not related to Padman anymore. Apparently the movie was screened specially for Defence ministry for any suggestions. A few changes or cuts (5 atleast) I should say have been recommended and  hence it is back to the editors.

Conclusion: Aiyaary may be postponed further till 16th February, though as of now we aren’t sure of that date either.

It seems Padman is also going to enjoy Solo release this friday. So movie buffs, here is a suggestion, Add atleast a week to expected release date for all your on the list movies for 2018. The trend is going to continue, All thanks to Padmaavat.


P.S. Hope Swara Bhasker does not mind that now, or she may have something to comment on.

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