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All you need to know about The Anand – Sonam Wedding and the groom to be.

Sonam - Anand Wedding

It’s finally official and confirmed that Sonam Kapoor is getting married to Anand Ahuja. Today the Kapoors and the Ahujas announced that Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor are getting married in Mumbai on 8th May 2018. Their official statement said that the Kapoor and the Ahuja families take pride in announcing the wedding of their children Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor. It further stated that as it was an intimate affair the families need for privacy be respected. We all know that Sonam Kapoor has been dating Anand Ahuja a Delhi based entrepreneur for two years now and he has brand called Bhane. But little do we know that he is a man with many accomplishments. Read here to know more about Anand Ahuja.

Anand Ahuja’s childhood and education.

Anand Ahuja spent his childhood in Delhi. He completed his education at American Embassy School and completed further studies from the Wharton School of University of Pennysylvania. He did his internship at Amazon.com in Seattle, USA. He worked in Macy’s Inc, Deutsche Bank and Amazon.com before he plunged into his own business.

Family business of Anand Ahuja.

Anand comes from a family that owns Shahi Exports, the biggest export house of India. Owner Harish Ahuja happens to be Anand’s father putting a huge expectation and responsibility on Anand’s shoulder to succeed in Business.

Anand takes the off route to enter manufacturing.

Understanding his passion for design and entrepreneurship, Anand Ahuja decided to enter the manufacturing industry. In one of his interviews on his journey with Bhane, he said that it wasn’t a smooth sailing for him at all. Coming from a highly established and reputed business house there was a huge responsibility on his shoulder to do good in business. He many times fell hard on himself unable to achieve the per conceived standards his legacy had left for him. He was even very hard on his team when his brand Bhane didn’t perform as expected. Bhane deals mostly in Athleisure.

Estate of Anand Ahuja.

Anand Ahuja’s Family is also known for making headlines. Recently Harish Ahuja made headlines as he purchased a bungalow in plush area in Delhi – Prithviraj for Rs 173 crores. Anand Ahuja’s own property valuation is 3000 crores. Anand Ahuja also acts as Managing Director of Shahi Exports, a Company with a turnover of $450 million.

First only sneaker store in India owned by Anand Ahuja.

Anand Ahuja is a fan of sneakers himself. So passionate about Sneakers that He is the first one to open an Only Sneaker store in India.

The Sonam – Anand meeting.

Anand Ahuja is close friend of Pernia Qureshi who Also happens to be stylist of Sonam Kapoor.  They met in 2014 and Anand proposed her months after. Well educated, handsome, ambitious and a thorough gentle man there is no doubt that he made his way to Sonam’s heart and finally her husband to be.

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