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Anil Kapoor’s 35 years dream journey in Bollywood.

Anil Kapoor completes 35

Anil Kapoor completes 35 years in the industry and feels as if it was just yesterday. In fact, he doesn’t remember his life before he had entered this industry. Here is a throwback to his journey in the industry as he completes 35 years.

Anil Kapoor on his journey on the silver screen.

Anil Kapoor remembered his journey saying what a remarkable journey it was with numerous characters and opportunities to grow and apart from that the endless memories.

According to the IMDb data, Anil Kapoor stepped into the industry in 1979 with  Hamare Tumhare. However, Anil himself marks 1982 as his entry to the Bollywood with his first project being Woh 7 Din. He has gained popularity worldwide due to his role in the Danny Boyle’s Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire. He has even played a role in Tom Cruise’s MI franchise, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Anil Kapoor has also listed all the films he has been a part of beginning right from Hamare Tumhare up to Race 3.

Anil Kapoor’s tweet.

Anil Kapoor himself tweeted a thanksgiving letter on Saturday, marking his 35 years journey on a roadmap with more than 30 films and saying that he doesn’t remember what his life was before entering Bollywood. He feels he was born on the silver screen. This industry has given him everything his family, his home, happiness and most importantly love and appreciation for the work he does. He even thanked his fans without whose support he would have never been able to live his dream. checkout Anil Kapoor’s tweet here.

Anil Kapoor’s Kids Followed their father’s footsteps.

Yes, even Anil Kapoor’s kids have followed him to the industry. And while his daughter Sonam Kapoor and son Harshvardhan Kapoor have chosen to be in the front of the camera, his daughter Rhea Kapoor has chosen to be at the back busy exploring the world of direction and filmmaking as a producer.

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