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Attention :You can also be a Bollywood actor, if you are beautiful!!  

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In Bollywood,you don’t need good acting skills. You can still become an actor if you have got good looks. Here are 05 actors who are just an eye candy but still got Bollywood success. 

Katrina Kaif

 Even after so many years, she can’t speak her dialogues properly. She is the longest running actress without any acting prowess. Her charming looks & sexy dance moves have worked wonder for her.

Now equally beautiful ladies who are good actor too have become danger for her existence in Bollywood.


Zarine Khan

 Zarine Khan is a gift of Salman Khan to Bollywood. But she is certainly not a good actor. She entered Bollywood with Veer after losing extra weight she had. But the performance she gave had no weight.

No doubt she is beautiful even though she has regained her lost weight. But no marks for her bad acting skills. Lets see how long she stays in Bollywood.

Nargis Fakhri 

She is one beautiful face and amazing body. But when she opens her mouth for any dialogue, her beauty takes back seat. I wonder how can you become an actor with such pathetic acting.

One perfect example of her acting is Rockstar. Everything in that movie was just immaculate except her.


Jacqueline Fernandez 

She looks very elegant & very beautiful. She is another international beauty in Bollywood. The acting skills are still very poor. She is better than Katrina in terms of acting & dialogues.

But a long stay is difficult for her in Bollywood looking at her limited talent. I guess she will need good support & backing like Katrina.


Ameesha Patel

She got a dream start in Bollywood with one of the biggest hits “ Kaho na Pyar  hai”.But soon the success air lost and she became just another pretty face with limited acting talent.

Few movies worked and many failed. She is today struggling with limited or no roles for her beauty as she has no acting to prove her mettle.


I hope Bollywood & people of India start focussing on acting skills instead of looks to choose their bollywood actors. We don’t need just an eye candy, we want acting too.


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