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Bank Chor: Movie Review

bank chor review

Bank Chor:Movie Review

Starring: Riteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi, Rhea Chakraborty

Director: Bumpy


Bank Chor is a movie made under Yash Raj Banner,directed by Bumpy.When you have less expectations from someone or something,you don’t get disappointed with whatever you get.I was not expecting much from Bank Chor. But to my surprise,It turned out to be a good movie.

Movie starts with a beginning of a bank robbery,where 3 Idiots are trying their levels best to rob a bank.The leader of the idiots is none other than our lead character Riteish Deshmukh(Champak). There is no doubt about the comic timing of Riteish,in this movie he is no different. We all know he can deliver when it comes to comedy & he did exactly the same. Looking at the trailer I assumed it to be just another comedy movie. I was wrong it is not just a comedy movie, it is more than that.

Where there are thieves, there has to be a cop. That need my friend has been fulfilled by Vivek Oberoi who is from CBI,with strong voice & very strong name “Amjad Khan”.A tough decorated officer who gives tough time to Champak.

In the failed attempt to rob a bank,the idiots get ready to surrender to police on getting convinced by a journalist(Rhea Chakraborty).Rhea has got a limited screen space as a link between the cops & thieves. Cameo from Baba Sehgal will make you remind of 1990’s the time when he was the king of rapping in India. Average comic timing of the supporting cast & old jokes about Delhi vs. Mumbai made it an average watch until the twist & turns come our way.

Post interval the movie rose to a level of 3 stars from 1.5 stars. Suddenly an idiotic scene becomes an interesting scene.

An unexpected performance from Sahil Vaid proves that he can be more than Hero’s friend. Director Bumpy has done a good job with a smooth transition of a comedy movie into non comic movie.


Twist & turn are the key elements of this “Comedy” movie.

Overall it is a nice movie, you will like it if you enjoy getting surprises.

I am giving it 3 stars out of 5.



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