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Banned from Making Films | Farah Khan, Sajid Khan & Shirish Kunder

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There is one family which should be banned from making films. It is none other than Sajid Khan,Farah Khan & her  Husband Shirish Kunder .It is one family which has made our favorite stars act in their pathetic movies.

Farah Khan

Starting with Farah Khan, a renowned choreographer & a film director.She has made a lot of movies, mostly with Shah rukh Khan. Initial movies were bit sensible.But with each passing year,quality kept falling. She made pathetic movies & casted stars like SRK & Akshay.

I just can’t believe why superstars like them say yes to director like Farah. She made Tees Maar Khan with Akshay & Happy New Year with SRK. Both the movies were utter non-sense. Sometimes, it feels like there is a big role of Farah in spoiling career of King Khan. I think,he says yes to her because of their friendship.

I think she can give a crash course to many on how not to make movies.

Sajid Khan

Her brother Sajid Khan is two steps ahead of her. He makes utterly ridiculous movies. Some movies do work due to star power but many fails to work. He made movies like Himmatwala & Humshakals.These movies are like attackes on the sense of humour of a normal person. Director like these keep standard of Bollywood low.

If you will ever see Humshakals, you will definitely break your TV. It is that annoying & awful. In the name of comedy, they have started a new genre of movies “Torture Cinema”. If you have any enemy or a person you don’t like, tie them up and make them see movies made by Sajid Khan.

Shirish Kunder

Talking about Husband of Farah Khan,Shirish Kunder. He made a movie called “Joker”. It was so awful that the comedy died a death of irony when it released.

As a cinema lover,I want to request Bollywood to boycott such directors. They are like “KRK of Hindi cinema” & are really unwanted. Instead of watching movies made by such directors, I will bang my head on wall. And to these 03 people, I would like to request on behalf of entire India. “Either start making sensible films or find a new profession”.

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