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Blackmail Review: Irrfan’s darkness gives light to this dark comedy


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Blackmail intrigued us with an eye catching trailer. The movie looked promising especially with its awesome casting (Irrfan Kan and Divya Dutta) and it proved to be. Abhinay Deo striked right back at viewers with this dark comedy. It is easy for many of the urban working class to associate with the characters, specially in the corporate scenes. Irrfan’s Blackmail is a weekend treat to watch with perfect blend of realism and comedy.


The protagonist Dev Kushal (Irrfan Khan) plans a surprise for his wife (Kirti Kulhari) but instead gets a shock of his life. He catches her with her boyfriend, Ranjit (Arunoday Singh) in his own bed. Evaluating various outcomes of killing either or both of them, his wicked mind decides to Blackmail the guy. Ranjit who is married to a daughter (Divya Dutta) of a rich goon plays his wife to pay the Blackmailer. The story turns when he gives out his plan to one of his colleague.


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A series of Blackmailers erupt that justifies the title so well. The comedy charters roll and it seems everybody is trying to cover up paying their own mess. Blackmailer is blackmailed and self payments are being made. To add to top on all this Irrfan’s boss, the owner of a toilet paper company regularly delivers the punchlines. Water can be saved only by promoting use of toilet paper. How it all settles is Abhinay Deo’s Blackmail. This is his Dark comedy comeback after Kaalakandi Debacle.


Irrfan always pleases and he amazes us yet again with his acting prowess. His performance is eye catching and dark. The only glitch that might irk some viewers is his chronic problem of masturbation. Th idea must be to make a fact of his absent sex life but…. its irksome. The aloof Arunoday’s aloofness is the key and he does justice to his role along with Divya an Kirti. The casting is apt for the roles.


Blackmail is the movie for the weekend. A good watch with awesome comedy punches and darkness of urban life. I give Blackmail 3.5 of 5 stars. Guys go watch it!!


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