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Bollywood Breaking News :After a big battle with cancer Irfan Khan is now back to India

Bollywood Breaking News

Image Source: The Brave Hindu

Bollywood actor Irfan Khan who was undergoing treatment for neuro-endocrine tumor in London has returned back to India after long time.

Irfan Khan a super Bollywood actor is now back to home after a successful treatment of neuro-endocrine tumor he was suffering from.

  • The sources revealed that in February 2018, Irfan Khan was diagnosed with disease that was not brought to light. It was reflected by media that Bollywood actor Irfan Khan is suffering from ‘brain cancer’. Irfan Khan prohibited media and fans not to communicate anything without proper enlightenment. He said, “I will update about my exact story within some days”.
  • On 16 March, 2018 Irfan Khan announced on Twitter that he is undergoing neuro-endocrine tumor later Irfan travelled to London for his treatment.
  • Irfan Khan was spotted on Mumbai airport where he was identified with lower half face covered with black mask and later he removed the mask to let media recognize him. He was spotted in printed T-shirt and denim jeans.

Irfan Khan’s post on social media:

Irfan has praised his fans for their love and support. The picture he posted on social media with bright smile reveals his happiness.

Irfan stated that going through this tough time of neuro-endocrine tumor treatment would not be easy for him without his fans love that they have always showered on him.  He praised his fans for their commendable support and love he has got and prayers that have worked a lot in his tough time when he was in London.

Irfan Khan stated that we are always fond of winning but later we realize that the love we get from our fans actually shows magic. He also stated that, “I am very thankful to fans for their love and support that helped to fight my tough times with ease”.

Fans post on social media wishing Irfan Khan good luck:

Irfan Khan has huge fan following. His fans have a due respect for him not only as a noble actor but a good human being as well.

You can check many posts on social media where fans are praying for well-being of Irfan Khan and calling him the fighter and one with loving heart and Human Being like a precious Diamond, who will win this tough battle. Fans worldwide are praying for Irfan believing him as a self-made man who has always been phenomenal in whatever he do.

Irfan’s fans are praying Allah…  to bless him with power and support and stating Irfan as a strong human being and God will do all good for your betterment.

Bollywood celebs post on social media wishing Irfan:

Bollywood welcomed Irfan Ali Khan, a splendid Bollywood actor on his comeback to India after his successful treatment for neuro-endocrine tumor.

You can check the Bollywood celebs post wishing Irfan on twitter.

Abhishek Bachchan, Ayushmaan Khurana, Randeep Hooda, Swara Bhasker, Kaykay Menon, Vinay Pathak, Rekha Bhardwaj and many others twitted wishing Irfan Khan, a very good luck and get well soon messages.

Irfan’s next upcoming Bollywood movie:

Irfan Khan as one of the most illustrious Bollywood actor has always been admired a lot for his outstanding performance in Bollywood and Hollywood in different avatar.

Irfan Khan has been honored with National Film Award, Film fare Award and Padma Shri Award for his versatile and phenomenal performances.

Filmmaker Timangshu Dhulia stated that, “Irfan is all fit now and we are ready with the script of ‘Hindi Medium’ sequel and will start shooting once everything goes right”. The sources have revealed that in upcoming sequel of ‘Hindi Medium’ Irfan will be starred opposite ‘Kareena Kapoor Khan’.

So here the fans are waiting for Irfan Khan soon to spread his magic on silver screen with his dynamic performances.

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