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Bollywood Breaking news: Subhash Ghai doesn’t like to meet Dilip Kumar anymore!!

Bollywood breaking news

Ace filmmaker Subhash Ghai has been associated with Dilip Kumar Sahab for a long time now and has directed him in his movies such as “Saudagar”, “Vidhata” and “Karma”. It pains him to see the emperor of Bollywood ailing at 95 and in such a weak condition. So much so that he doesn’t feel like meeting him. Read here to know details about this Bollywood breaking news.

Subhash Ghai gets emotional while talking about Dilip Kumar.

Recently Subhash Ghai had visited IANS headquarter. On being asked if he had met Dilip Kumar in recent times he got a little emotional. He said that he loved Dilip Sahab so much that he doesn’t feel like meeting him anymore.

Subhash Ghai on Dilip Kumar’s current condition.

Subhash Ghai has been associated with Dilip Kumar for 20-22 years and has loved him like his brother. Seeing him ailing and in such a condition gives him a pain in his heart and a feel like crying. Dilip Sahab has gone so weak that Subhash Ghai says to himself to never be boastful in life. Adding to his statement he said that Once the emperor of Bollywood, Dilip Sahab, today is unable to do anything. Today he doesn’t even recognize him or anyone for that matter.

An emperor is a person who is followed by other kings.

Subhash Ghai considered Dilip Kumar as an emperor as he had many followers. According to him more than 11 Dilip Kumar’s were born and brought up under his reflection are superstars today and doing good in the industry. He is an emperor and will stay that forever. But at the same time Subhash Ghai prays to God that he should now go peacefully without any further suffering.

Subhash Ghai considers Dilip Sahab as institution in himself. He says that he has learnt a lot from him and would always seek guidance for his Whistling Woods Institute. He had helped him so much that his institute even has a scholarship under his name.

About Dilip Kumar.

Bollywood breaking news
Saira Banu in constant support to hubby Dilip Sahab

Dilip Sahab has been known for his movies such as Mughal-e-Azam, Naya Daur, Ram aur Shyam, Shakti and many other such blockbusters. The veteran actor has been currently admitted to Mumbai’s Lilavati hospital for recurrent Pneumonia. Along his bedside his is wife Saira Banu who is a constant support. Dilip Kumar’s health updates are being shared continuously by their family friend Faisal Farooqui.

Did this Bollywood breaking news about Dilip Kumar’s current condition give a pain in your heart? Share your views in the comments below. Stay tuned here for more such updates.

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