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Bollywood breaking news: YRF fires VP Ashish Patil with immediate effect.

Bollywood breaking news

With the #MeToo movement gaining momentum more and more names are coming forward for the sexual misconduct. The next big name to come forward is Vice President of Yash Raj Films Ashish Patil. And the Bollywood breaking news is Yash Raj Films has immediately terminated the services of Ashish Patil owing to the said allegations read here to know details.

An anonymous aspiring actress accuses Ashish Patil of sexual exploitation.

As a part of #MeToo movement an aspiring actress brought forward the name of Ashish Patil for sexually exploiting her. Ashish Patil is the Vice President of YRF for Brand Partnership and Talent management as well as  their business and creative head.

YRF fires Ashish Patil with immediate effect owing to the said allegations.

Yash Raj Films made a loud and clear announcement on their Twitter handle that they are terminating the services of Mr. Ashish Patel from the post of Vice President – Talent management and brand partnership with immediate effect. You can read the tweet right here.

Ashish Patil condemns the allegations calling them defamatory in nature.

Ashish Patil has immediately denied the allegations that came up last week on the face of if saying that they are untrue, fabricated, defamatory and agenda-driven. He even went forward saying that if it is supposed to be true then the anonymous girl should come forward and produce all the facts. Merely by saying that she has been exploited and not even mentioning the name doesn’t prove anything. Also he cannot prove his innocence to a faceless, nameless and anonymous person.

Ashish Patil assured full cooperation on his part.

Patil shared a statement on social media assuring full cooperation in any inquiry from any authority. He will make sure that the truth is out and his name is cleared.

In the meanwhile what do you feel the allegations on Ashish Patil are true or defamatory? Also was it justifiable on YRF’s part to fire him from his post with immediate effect? Share your views in the comments below.

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