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Bollywood celebrity news: Deepika Padukone gets emotional as hubby Ranveer Singh wins best Actor award.

Bollywood celebrity news

Last weekend was extra special for Deepika – Ranveer fans. And when Deepika Padukone shed tears on hubby Ranveer Singh winning the best actor award at the Star Screen Awards 2018, Internet could not help blowing up. Read here as we bring out to you the reason behind Deepika’s tears and more on this Bollywood celebrity news.

Ranveer Singh wins the best actor’s award.

The star screen awards 2018 night was extra special for the newly weds Ranveer and Deepika. They not only rocked the red carpet with their mesmerising black attire but Ranveer Singh even won the best Actor’s awards. He won the award for his role in the movie Padmaavat. During his award acceptance speech, Ranveer Singh mentioned that he has been in this industry for 8 years, 6 of which he has been dating and now married Deepika Padukone. He thanked her infront of everyone for constantly being by her side and supporting him. This brought tears in Deepika’s eyes and this heart melting moment made everyone go aww.

Ranveer Singh reveals that there was more behind Deepika getting emotional.

Though everyone felt that Deepika Padukone got emotional as hubby won the best actor award, Ranveer Singh in a recent interview revealed that there was more to it. He mentioned that Deepika has been a large portion of her growth and evolution. She is the major reason why he has been able to achieve whatever he has achieved in the past 6 years and yet kept him grounded. Talking about his role as Khilji for which he received the best actor award, Ranveer Singh mentioned that Deepika was a huge support for him. It was a difficult role and a difficult year for him and he was struggling through. It was difficult for both of them as individuals as well as difficult for them together. Padmaavat was a testing year for both of them and for her to witness him shooting and then receiving the award was truly a magical experience. Watch Ranveer Singh receive the award right here.

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"In the film (Padmaavat), I maybe didn't get the queen but in real life I got my queen. Baby, I love you, in the past six years, if I have acheived anything, it's because you've kept me grounded and centred, thank you for everything, and I love you" – Ranveer Singh (2018) It's @ranveersbabe on Twitter #deepveer #deepikapadukone #ranveersingh #deepveernews خطاب رانو لما فاز ب جائزة أفضل ممثل : في الفيلم ( بادمافات) لم احصل على الملكة ، لكن في الحياة الحقيقية حصلت على ملكتي، حبيبتي انا أحبك. في الست سنوات التي مضت اذا انجزت اي شيء فكان لانك جعلتني على الارض و مركز . شكرا على كل شيء وانا أحبك امووووووت اموووت بجننو شنو هاد الكلام

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We are also crying with happy tears. It feels nice to see that Deepika and Ranveer and standing strong together through all the ebbs and tides of life and their bond is just growing stronger each day.

Ranveer Singh will be next seen in Rohit Shetty’s Simmba opposite Sara Ali Khan. This will be his first release since his wedding with Deepika in November. Simmba is scheduled to release on 28th December 2018.

So, did you enjoy knowing that your favourite couple stand like rock for each other? Share your views in the comments below. Stay tuned here for more such Bollywood celebrity news.

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