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Bollywood life: This one act of Shah Rukh Khan annoys Gauri Khan the most.

Bollywood life

Gauri Khan who is celebrating her birthday today with her husband Shah Rukh Khan and youngest son AbRam revealed some shocking news about Shah Rukh Khan that annoys her. Bollywood life is no different than a common man’s life the only difference is the lime light. Stay tuned here to know details.

About Gauri Khan.

Gauri Khan and Shah Rukh Khan married each other on 25th October 1991 and have been one of the most adorable and admirable couple of the Bollywood. People look upto them as their idol, but oh boy even their life is not without complains. Gauri Khan who is a mother to three kids with Shah Rukh Khan and a successful interior designer and producer herself reveals what annoys her the most about Shah Rukh Khan.

One thing of Shah Rukh Khan that annoys Gauri Khan the most.

In her recent interview with ace fashion designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, Gauri Khan made some secret revelations about her personal life with Shah Rukh Khan. Take a sneak peek into the Bollywood life right from the horse’s mouth. When asked what annoys her the most about Shah Rukh, she said that he spoils the kids and that is what annoys her the most.

Why does Shah Rukh Khan pamper the kids so much.

Gauri Khan even knows the reason why Shah Rukh Khan pampers the kids so much. It is precisely because he herself had lost his parents at a very young age and never got such pamper in his life and understands the importance of the same deeply. But she adds, that in doing so he sometimes goes overboard and that actually becomes a headache for her. All that she can do is sit in a corner and complain as he will not listen for sure.

Shah Rukh Khan – A very caring and doting father.

We all know that Shah Rukh Khan has been a very caring and a doting father. We have often heard him saying how he himself becomes a kid while playing with his youngest son AbRam. He once revealed in an interview that he tries and gets all the possible toys for AbRam. This is actually his way of living his own dreams. He always wanted those toys as a kid himself but could never buy as he could not afford the same. This is his way of living his dreams now.

So, did you enjoy taking a sneak peek in the personal Bollywood life of one of the most adorable couple of the industry? Share your views in the comments below.

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