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Brad Cohen: The real life inspiration behind Hichki. All you need to know about him.


After Four years Rani Mukerji returns to the Big Screen with Hichki, a Movie where she plays the role of a teacher Naina Mathur, who suffers from Tourette Syndrome. Hichki is inspired from the real life story of motivational speaker and teacher Brad Cohen. Brad Cohen’s Story has already been made in a TV movie under the title ‘Front of the Class’. Brad Cohen shares about his interaction with Rani Mukerji.

Brad Cohen’s Journey To ‘Become The teacher he never had’.

Brad Cohen suffers from Tourette Syndrome. During his school days he was teased by his classmates and accused by the teachers for being a troublemaker by the noise of the tics that he created. This had such an immense impact on his mind that he decided to be a teacher that he himself never had. He even managed to get his Teacher degree. But it was not until 24 rejections that he finally managed to get a job as a teacher at Mountain View Elementary School in Cobb County, Georgia. This is what Brad Cohen has to say about his interaction with Rani Mukerji.

 How Cohen felt when he received a call from Yash Raj Films.

Brad Cohen: Inspiration behind Hichki

Brad Cohen says he was shocked when he first recieved the call from Yash Raj Films to make a film inspired by him he was shocked. He could not believe that someone back in India wanted to make a movie inspired by him. He got excited because he feels this is another medium to be able to inspire people around the world.

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Who inspired Brad Cohen?

Brad Cohen says his inspiration comes from the fact that he didn’t want his Tourette syndrome to win. He didn’t want to lead a life making excuses and let people feel him lesser. As a child when he used to attend Tourette syndrome support group, people were all very negative and upset. He didn’t want to chose such life for him. When he was able to accept that he realised that none of his dreams were difficult to accomplish.

About Brad Cohen’s first interaction with Rani Mukerji.

Brad Cohen and Rani Mukerji first interacted on Skype. Their first Skype session was very casual where Rani wanted to know what it feels like having a Tourette syndrome. She tried to know about various types of tics. So he showed her different tics and then she would imitate and kept on inquiring if she was doing it correct. She even tried to know what was going in his mind when a tic comes. He infact said she got into my mind to understand Tourette Syndrome. Rani says if she could feel it then only she’ll be able to express it in the film.


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A moment in Brad’s life that he cherishes.

After Brad’s first year of teaching he was selected for The First Class Teacher of the Year. He was honoured to recieve the award. He realised he was a role model for so many people living with challenges. His winning the award was a proof that even the people who are a little different can be successful in life and make a difference.

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