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Breaking Hollywood News: Justin Bieber the remarkable Hollywood Celebrity and Canadian singer is under depression…Why????

Hollywood News

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We are here again with a top Hollywood news where high profiled Hollywood celebrity Justin Bieber is again in headlines.

It has been allegedly stated that the very popular singer-songwriter “Justin Bieber” is under depression and going through mental treatment. Justin Bieber was on his “Purpose World Tour” and he canceled the rest of his tour as well. Justin Bieber has a huge fan following throughout the world including our Country-India. Here fans are continuously posting messages for Justin Bieber. Here every crazy fan is waiting for Justin Bieber’s next album but the superstar is not yet back…. Why????

Justin Bieber “Purpose World Tour”

Justin Bieber a Canadian singer started the third wide tour “Purpose World Tour” in countenance of his fourth album Purpose. The tour started on 9th March 2016 and ended on 2nd July 2017 in London. Justin Bieber performed unlimited shows all over the world in various continents as follows:

  1. North America
  2. Asia
  3. Europe
  4. Oceania
  5. Latin America
  6. Africa crossing 150 shows till date making it the most phenomenal tour in history till date but more shows were to be held but the tour has been cancelled by “Justin Bieber” that’s what the fans are wondering where is the rock star Justin.

 Justin in depression

Recently we got update that Justin Bieber is depressed due to his deep routed personal issues.

“Justin Bieber is getting baseless and unwanted comments on his marriage life on social media”

Justin Bieber relationships

Bieber spoke about being happy in his marriage life and being a father now. If we talk about Justin’s relationship he started dating super-hot Hollywood Singer “Selena Gomez” in December 2010 and later parted in 2012, again they made things consistent and later it was stated that they are again together in 2017. Unfortunately, the relationship couldn’t do well and again they separated in 2018.

Finally, he got engaged to “Hailey Baldwin” on 7 July 2018.They got married in September 2018 and later Justin Bieber stated on November 23, 2018 hat he was married to Hailey Baldwin.

Justin Bieber statement on irrelevant gossip on social media

Bieber is depressed with unwanted and baseless comments on social media that he wants to get back to his ex Selena Gomez.

Furthermore, he stated that he is depressed due to some personal deep routed issues in vogue related to his personal life but the reason for depression is not his wife Hailey. He stated that Selena is in his heart but yes he is married to Hailey Baldwin now. Hence, happy with his married life and want to be a father now. Justin stated he needs little break from music. He is also very upset with fans following the comments on social media stating that “if you thing so about me it means you are not my true fans”.

Therefore, he also apologized by stating that he loves his fans very much. He doesn’t like to hurt them; they truly don’t deserve all this. He apologized that the fans spent money and time on his concerts that is really not right. Also, he promised his fans that at the moment he is going through some very disturbing circumstances and not yet prepared. Hence, needs little time to sort out all issues and it’s a promise to all fans that he will be back soon again with new album they are craving for.

Justin Bieber is one of the most noted personalities of international level with elevated status and stardom. The fans will soon get to hear the good news of Justin Bieber’s come back with his next and passionate performances.

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