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Calling Karan: Karan Johar is the new relationship expert


IMG SRC: www.youtube.com (Karan Johar)

Yess!! That is true. Karan Johar is our new relationship expert, therapist, closest BFF, love mentor and what not. For all this we have to thank 104.8 Ishq FM. Before you all feel “Hain!! Ye kya bol rahi hai madam” Let me explain.

104.8 Ishq FM has launched a programme some time back where listeners get a direct chance to talk to Karan Johar. Not just that, it is about taking his advices and solutions for our relationship problems. So isn’t that great.


IMG SRC: hindustantimes.com

Here are some examples which deserve quoting here (the funny ones of course!)

So one guy calls Karan to discuss his problem, which is that his girlfriend is very dirty and does not bath for weeks. His question to the relationship expert is what he should do? To this the relationship guru suggested…“Some people are like that since childhood, tum bhaag jao”… ha ha!!

One more… there’s a girl whose boyfriend has returned from US, she wants to continue dating him but she is not happy that is he back… So does she actually love him? Tough one…

So dear friends Karan discusses all common relationship problems that we face generally… May be he has some solutions for us too… Keep listening.

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