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Celebrity gossip: Here is what tarot cards have to say about Priyanka-Nick’s married life ahead of their wedding.

Celebrity gossip

Priyanka and Nick have made several appearances together once they started dating each other and have always been the talk of the town. Even before that they had spent enough time flirting and texting each other. After their dream Roka ceremony Priyanka and Nick are going to get married in just a couple of days in the Big Fat Indian as well as Christian wedding in Jodhpur. But ahead of that in our celebrity gossip let us look at what the tarot cards say about their married life.

Monisha Singh Dudaney – An ace tarot card reader as well as clairvoyant does the reading.

Celebrity gossip
Monisha Singh Dudaney

Looking at their social media profiles we already know that they are madly in love with each other and they are indeed a match made in heaven. But still we were excited to know how their married life was going to be and so took help of an ace tarot card reader and a clairvoyant herself – Monisha Singh Dudaney and this is what she has to say.

Q. How is their married life going to be?

To this question she replied that they will have a happy married life and it will be Priyanka who will be taking the shots in the relationship early on. This means she will guide him, help him and take care of him in every possible manner. So sweet, isn’t it?

Q. How will the two manage their careers and work life?

In the first 2.5 years she will have to manage her work life alongside her domestic life. She will be in Los Angeles most of the time. Post that Nick’s career will skyrocket and he will be in an all together another space. Priyanka’s career will also flourish side by side but she will be mostly in the west. In fact she already has some of the projects in hand but it seems she is still considering them. She might hit something big in May-June.

Life is never a bed of Roses advises Monisha.

We should not forget that both Priyanka and Nick are strong personalities who need to keep their individuality intact even after the relationship. This means that they will have to be careful over the arguments where they have difference of opinion. They should respect each other’s thinking and give each other their individual space. Besides Priyanka will need to accept and be comfortable with the fact that Nick has a huge female fan following. She is marrying a man of strong head who has some major plans and believe it or not he is going to become a huge star in next 5 years. She need to be a supportive wife and stand by her side to let his ambitions flourish.

When will Priyanka have kids?

Considering the fact that Priyanka is talking about having kids for a while now, we were curious to know how soon she will be having babies. Monisha Singh says that she will be having babies in another couple of years.

As a summary of the cards that she drew both the celebrities need to be careful for the first 5 years of their relationship as both of them are stars who need to manage their relationship as well as their starry image.

So, did you enjoy reading about how the married life of Priyanka and Nick is going to be? Share your views in the comments below. Stay tuned here for more such celebrity gossip.

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