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Celebrity news: Karan Johar reveals the torment he went through growing up as a child.

Celebrity news

Ace director Karan Johar recalls in a recent conversation how as a child he was mocked to an extent that he stopped participating in school sports events and much more. Read here for the details of this celebrity news.

Karan Johar used to take speech therapy as a child.

Karan Johar reveals that as a child he was called ‘pansy’ and was tortured so much so that he even thought of adding baritone to his voice. People used to tease him saying he had voice like girls. He recalled that he was 15 years old when he went to speech therapist. He was in that awkward age where his voice was very squeaky. He had heard that a million times and was so fed up that he asked to the doctor if he could make him sound like a boy.

And mind you, it’s not at all funny. Karan Johar actually took those sessions for 3 years where the doctor used to give him speech exercises. The therapy was so embarrassing and torturous that he used to lie to his father that he was going for tution classes and never mentioned about the therapy. That too because he didn’t want to say to his dad that ‘He was going to be a man’.

Karan reveals that his parents never found anything wrong with him.

Karan Johar revealed that his parents never thought there was anything was wrong with him. His parents never thought that he was doing anything when he used to imitate the steps of actresses instead of actors but others used to mock him. He recalled an incident about he film Sargam. He was 8 years old when he was so obsessed with the song Dafli wale. He used to play the song in his home some hundred times and used to imitate the steps of Jaya Prada and not Rishi Kapoor. When his father used to ask him to perform he would perform the steps of Jaya Prada and somehow he never found anything wrong in it.

Putting things in boxes is the real problem says Karan Johar.

Karan Johar states that the problem begins when people start putting things in boxes and start using phrases such as be a man or don’t cry like a girl. Muscularity or femininity is actually being comfortable in your own skin. He adds that if his child wants to cry he will let him cry. He should cry and express his emotions. He will never tell him that don’t cry like a girl. Sadly, he himself was said these by his friends and teachers. They are all stuck in the boxes. They have a preset rules that if you are a man you should not behave in a certain manner and if you are a girl then you should behave in such a manner.

Karan stopped participating in school’s sports events.

Karan revealed that every time he used to walk or run other kids used to mock him. His hands and legs used to move differently than other boys. So he was always mocked at. So much that he ultimately stopped participating in any sports events.

So, are you also stuck in the boxes like majority of the people or have an open mind as required in today’s world? Share your views in the comments below. Stay tuned here for more such celebrity news.

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