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Celebrity news: Neha Kakkar makes shocking revelation after her break up with Himanshu Kohli.

Celebrity news

Hot celebrities Neha Kakkar and Himanshu Kohli have been doing rounds on the Internet after the news of their breakup has gone viral. In this celebrity news we bring to you some shocking revelations that Neha Kakkar has made after her alleged break up.

Neha Kakkar deletes all the pictures of Himanshu Kohli from her social media.

Neha Kakkar has finally revealed that she and Himanshu Kohli are no longer together. A few weeks back Neha Kakkar had deleted all the photographs of Himanshu Kohli from her social media account and also revealed that she had gone into depression after the breakup. Now she opens up to the media about the real reason for their breakup.

Himanshu’s constant complaint of Neha not being able to give him time forces Neha to call it a quit.

Neha Kakkar in an exclusive interview with the Dainik Bhaskar revealed that Himanshu Kohli had been constantly complaining of her not giving him the due time. She even added that when she was in relationship with him she never ever gave any time to her friends or family. Whatever little time she had she always spent it with Himanshu. And Inspite of that of he cant stop complaining then she is not to be blamed. She even sighs spending so much time and energy on a person who little deserved it.

Neha happy to have revived from the bad phase.

Neha Kakkar further added that she is now happy that the bad phase is over and she has overcome the same. She is happy that all this has opened her eyes and showed her the importance of her family. She even confessed that after such a bad experience she will never fall in love again and she is happy being single.

Neha Kakkar’s work front.

Talking about Neha Kakkar’s work front she has given her voice to numerous Bollywood hot songs. Her recent song, the female version of Tera ghata has received huge acclaimation from fans.

We just hope both Neha Kakkar and Himanshu Kohli be happy in their personal lives. Stay tuned here for more such celebrity news.

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