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Celebrity news: Paola Mayfield gets mom shamed even before giving birth.

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Paola Mayfiled, the ‘90 Day Fiancé’ star who is  pregnant with her first child gets mom shamed even before giving birth. Who knew, the sweetest Instagram upload of her’s with her pet would actually become the reason for trolls to bash her. Read her to know the details of this hot celebrity news.

Paola Mayfield posts a sweet picture with her dog.

Paola Mayfield shared a sweet shot of herself sitting on her porch with her pet a Pit Bull. She captioned the same wishing that every one did have a nice thanksgiving and added that there was so much to be thankful every day. Her baby bump was in full display in her tight strapless black dress. However the fans of Paola were more focused on the pet she had rather than her baby bump.

Comments flooded her post with advise regarding her pet.

Paola’s fans were more focused on the pet that she had with the baby on its way and advised that she should not be having one of such kind. Actually Paola has a Pit bull which is a dangerous breed for kids and is known for having killed a Number of children in the past. Pit Bulls were originally bred for blood sports and are extremely unsafe to have around children. One fan even asked her to contact her for statistics and details to convince her husband. You can see the Instagram post of Paola with the comments here.

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I hope you guys had a great #thanksgiving 😘 so much to be thankful for everyday❤️

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Paola slams the trolls for bashing her with her amazing response.

Paola began her clarification saying that she never thought that her hound was a pit bull and added that she didn’t even care if she was one. She added that her pet being a pit bull would not make her love any less and would definitely not get rid of her for knowing what breed her rescued pet was. When one of the fans added that she was absolutely sure what breed Paola’s pet was Paola sarcastically slammed her saying that she wasn’t aware that she was there with her when she saved the hound.

The dog wasn’t the only thing for which Paola got slammed.

Trust me, the dog wasn’t the only thing why Paola got slammed. Her dyed platinum grey hair was also the reason for the slamming. But in reality Paola hasn’t dyed her hair and she is actually wearing a wig. We are so happy that Paola has been changing her looks all throughout her pregnancy and hope she keeps up the same not bothering about the negative comments that are being showered. The very nice saying gets reminded here ‘Kuch to log kahenge. Logo Ka kaam hai kehna.’

So do you appreciate Paola’s spirit and love for her pet? Share your views in the comments below. Stay tuned here for more such celebrity news.

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