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Celebrity news: Saif Ali Khan reveals about his harassment 25 years ago.

With the #MeToo movement gaining momentum in India, the Pandora’s Box has been opened and more and more celebrities are coming up with their own harassment. Saif Ali Khan expresses his solidarity with the women who have been victimized to the sexual harassment and says that he himself was harrassed 25 years ago and knows exactly the pain of getting harrassed. Read here to know details about this celebrity news.

Though not sexual in nature, Saif Ali Khan himself was harrassed 25 years ago.

The Parineeta star revealed about the harrassment that he had faced 25 years ago though it was not sexual in nature. In his recent interview he revealed that he was also harrassed in his career 25 years ago and he is still angry about it but added that he doesn’t want to talk about it now as he is not important today. He says that even today when he thinks about it, he still gets angry but today the concern is about the women. In Saif’s view, the offenders must be punished even if they are found guilty even in an old case.

People who have sexually abused should pay for it.

Saif Ali Khan even went on saying that people have been offended and they want justice for the same. Whatever is happening under the banner #MeToo is happening for good and it gives a sense that atleast something is happening. It gives a damn that someone is going to lose his job for the same. People who have sexually abused the women should pay a price for the same.

Bipasha Basu and Esha Gupta on Sajid Khan’s behaviour towards women.

Sajid Khan who has been accused of sexually abusing 3 women at 3 different instances received further slamming. Saif Ali Khan’s co-stars from the movie Humshakals (2014), a Sajid Khan directorial revealed about his rude behaviour toward women on the sets. While Bipasha Basu revealed that he was disturbed by Sajid Khan’s rude behaviour with the women on the sets, Esha Gupta went on saying that she had engaged in a lot of arguments with him.

Saif Ali Khan confirmed that he will not be working with anyone who has been accused of sexual misconduct.

Saif Ali Khan on Bipasha and Esha’s asserment revealed that he doesn’t recall anything of such sort happening on the sets though. Because if that would have been the case where women were looked down upon, he would have surely not have been comfortable in such environment. But he strongly affirmed that everyone should have the same attitude of not working with those accused of sexual harassment. Then only those people will understand that the way they have been behaving is disgusting and will not be tolerated any more.

Currently, Farhad Samji has replaced Sajid Khan as the director of Akshay Kumar starrer Housefull 4. Stay tuned here for more latest updates on the celebrity news.

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