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Celebrity news: Saif Ali Khan reveals some brilliant changes Taimur has brought in their lives on his 6th Wedding Anniversary.

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Yes, it has been 6 years since Kareena Kapoor became Kareena Kapoor Khan. She has been happily married to the nawab Saif Ali Khan since 16th October 2012. The Tashan stars who have been spending some quality time with each other revealed their 6th Anniversary plans as well as the happy changes that Taimur has brought in their lives. Read here for details.

Saif Ali Khan reveals his 6th Anniversary plans.

The celebrity couple who is often seen holidaying with friends, family and even themselves revealed that their 6th Anniversary will be all about spending time with family rather than partying with their friends. Saif Ali Khan revealed that they will be going on a dinner date with Taimur by their side where they’ll be able to spend some quality time with him.

Saif Ali Khan reveals that they are not under any pressure of doing something spectacular.

Adding to their simple plan Saif revealed that they are not under any pressure of doing anything which is spectacular. Now that both Saif and Kareena have started on a healthy routine, having a nice dinner where they would exchange their gifts and spend quality time with Taimur would be perfect.

Priorities have changed since Taimur says Saif.

As a couple Saif and Kareena have had some brilliant time together alone. But now, with Taimur by their side things have changed a lot, but for good and they are ready for it assures Saif. Priorities have changed since Taimur. Now rather than doing anything else he would choose to spend time with his family and watch him grow. Seeing Taimur running all around gives him an immense pleasure as he can visualise both of them in him.

Taimur has made his parents more responsible.

As a part of a welcome and a healthy change, Saif reveals that they sleep early and wake up early. Though that’s because Taimur is up by the crack of the dawn. Their timetable runs more around Taimur rather than around themselves. Saif wanted a stable routine for long and Taimur is helping him achieve it.

Happy Anniversary Saifeena. We wish you a long and a healthy relationship together. In the meanwhile do share if you enjoyed reading the celebrity news and Saifeena’s 6th Wedding Anniversary plans? Share your views in the comments below.

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