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Chef Movie Review : A recipe of bond between Son & Father!!

Chef movie review

Chef is remake of a 2014 Hollywood film. This film starring Saif Ali Khan, Padmapriya Jankiraman & Svar Kamble is about food, about love & about life. The film talks about life of Saif Ali Khan & decisions of his life than his profession. It is a story of his life where as we expected it to be more of a food film.

Movie does not justify the name. It could have been named – Roshan Kalra or Choices of Roshan Kalra. When you are making a film about a certain topic it is expected that you will certainly give importance to that topic. Here in, it is not the case.


Chef is a story of a Chef called Roshan Kalra who lives in New York. He has a son named Armaan(Svar Kamble) with estranged wife Radha (Padmapriya Jankiraman). His son lives in India with his Mom. Roshan returns to India after getting fired from his job, which he lost because he punched one unsatisfied customer.

He returned to India to revamp his relation with his son and tries to find out his lost prowess as a chef. He spends time with his son & makes him visit his home town.He shares his story & struggles to becomeg a good chef.  Armaan ( Svar) is looking sweet & convincing as a boy with south Indian mother & north Indian father. Armaan & Roshan shares a wonderful father- son bond.

On the other hand, Radha who is a classical dancer is very efficient in her role. In a small role, we have Milind Soman in the film who looks stunning as a south India Man(Biju). With help of Radha & Biju, Roshan finds out a way to restart his career again. And soon enough, a film about chef which has not offered much food turns into a movie of Road trip.Roshan along with his son and a short team scoots through cities of India, starting from Kochi reaches Delhi. The film has been successful in showing good bonds & relations, but nothing much about food. In the name of food they have chole Bhature & rotzaa(road side pizza) invented by Roshan.


The acting department is fine & all the actors are quite comfortable and natural in their roles. Dialogues are neat & subtle. Songs are just Ok and album has no songs to remember.Film has been shot in Kerela and has got natural backdrops. You get to see beautiful Kerela in this. Director Raja Krishna Menon is a brilliant director but in this there was something missing. In all it is a fine movie, but there was huge scope at certain places. You can watch this movie for Saif Ali Khan & his bonding with his son. Don’t keep high expectations of a Hollywood remake. I am giving this film 2.5 stars out of 5.


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