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DeadPool 2 Expected to Have a New Release Date?

DeadPool 2

Latest Hollywood films DeadPool 2, The New Mutants, and Gambit have had their release dates changed. This is part of the major changes relating to the new upcoming Hollywood movies. Those who were looking forward to watching DeadPool 2 should be more excited because the release date has been set to be May 18, instead of June 1, 2018.

DeadPool 2

According to Hollywood gossips, the changes are expected to ease competition among the new Hollywood movies. In fact, the changes put DeadPool 2 ahead of the other latest Hollywood movies because its release date was fast tracked. The film is one of those eagerly anticipated around the mid of this year.

Although there are other competitive Hollywood releases like the Avengers: Infinity War set to be released early in the same month of May, DeadPool 2 stands out as the most awaited movie. It could be due to the publicity that made the movie go viral after its first teaser trailer hit the market towards the end of last year.

The film’s new date seems to be strategically chosen to coincide with the boom summertime ticket sales. It will be competing for the season’s boom with Sony’s Slender Man. This is one of the horror movies that released its trailer recently. The controversial reception that the Slender Man had received confirms to the fans that DeadPool 2 will steal the show immediately after its release.

DeadPool 2

Another 21st Century Fox studio movie that is expected to come after DeadPool 2 is the Solo: A star Wars Story, the bigger box office story. It is scheduled to come a week after DeadPool hits the theatres. This other film is yet to make its trainer known to the fans. Fans are already expressing their interest as to how  the Star Wars story will turn out to be for DeadPool 2 in the second weekend.

At the moment, ComicBook.com’s anticipation ranking puts DeadPool 2 at 4.09 out of 5.

The rescheduling of the Hollywood movies that mainly affected DeadPool 2, Gambit, and The New Mutants seems to be a deliberate marketing strategy. The studio Management is making an effort to avoid unnecessary competition of the three films. Recent Hollywood updates reveal that the changes raised emotions amongst the Management to the extent that the director Gore Verbinski left the project.

Inside sources have cited one of the reasons for the change of the release dates as an effort to avoid an overlap with X-Men movies in market places abroad. The Management foresaw Mutants and DeadPool 2 being in the theatres at the same time. They noted that this was not going to be good for the studio and for the fans.

DeadPool 2


Other Hollywood gossips about DeadPool 2 are pointing to the belief that the project, which is known to have a heavy comic tone  linked to a heist, will have a better impact if released as a summer Marvel movie. This is probably why there seemed to be a push and pool amongst the Management over the release date changes. Some of the key persons in the studio had  to exit following the radical shuffling of the release dates


There is no doubt that Hollywood movies are dominant in the industry. Any matter relating to the movies such as determining and altering the release dates is expected to be sensitive. It is also worth noting that such a simple matter as release date can determine the survival of the movies in the market. This requires a careful and tactical approach on the part of the Management when handling them. Otherwise, a fall out among the stakeholders is likely to occur.

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