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DILJIT landed into trouble for upcoming song “Pant me gun”


IMG SRC: www.lyricstune.in (Diljit)

Our very own Paaji Diljit Dosanjh, the happy cum soulful singer, an amazing actor and a clothing brand owner has landed in legal trouble. Probably for the first time in his long singing career, a case has been registered against him. Apparently sikh religious sentiments have been hurt by his recently sung song “Pant me gun”.


Pant me gun is another song of his upcoming movie “Welcome to New York”. Exactly!! the same movie which was in trouble for including a song by Rahet Fateh Ali Khan… Pakistani singers and actors are not allowed in Bollywood!!

IMG SRC: www.hindustantimes.com

It is claimed that the song hurts sentiments of sikh community as sikhs do not carry guns but knifes (kataar). They are also upset over Diljit for holding a gun during picturization of the song. Wonder why our society is focusing so much on such trivial issues. Also sad for such amazing and hardworking actors getting into trouble for their roles in cinema.

Welcome to New York is scheduled to release on 23rd February clashing with another comedy “Sonu ke tittu ki sweety”. The clash is going to be big and for comedy goers it is going to be difficult to chose one.

Well I am gonna watch both…

We wish Welcome to New York and SKTKS all the very best


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