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Disillusioned love – A new generation bug in Bollywood

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Disillusioned love – A new generation bug in Bollywood

These days romantic movies like Love Aaj Kal (though it was a classic flick by Imtiaz), befikre, Ok Jaanu, etc are such a common thing in Hindi cinema. We have young lads & lasses who are too bindaas for commitment & too cool for old school love.
Once far or once sense of loss creeps up then only we realise the value of a true relation else we are too “Befikre” about it & everything is “Ok Jaanu”

Having said that the question comes – Is It a new norm of being cool by staying non-committed & disillusioned towards the future? Are we as social media generation loosing the connection with roots & becoming too shallow?
Cinema is a great medium of passing knowledge & teaching the generations. It has a great role to play what the young generations will learn from it.

There are few old school stories like Bajirao Mastani, Ram Leela, Barfi etc. These movies bolster the faith in selfless & staunch love stories. These movies still keep the hopes alive and make us believe that true love still exists.

Commitment towards our decisions, sticking to our values, readiness to give away self motives for your love goes a long way. We can have 100s of Facebook friends but real life friends and our loyalty towards them make us humble and respect worthy.

Next time you are watching a romantic movie, do consider what needs to be taken home and what should be left out.

Disillusioned love can be cool in cinemas but in real life it is so uncool 🙂

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