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Emraan Hashmi : An actor beyond “Serial Kisser”

emraan hashmi

Beyond a world of A-listers in Bollywood, there is a world of brilliant actors who are constantly working day & night to make a difference. One such actor is Emraan Hashmi who started his career as a Serial Kisser. Today he has created a different niche for himself, genre where nobody else fits.


In the initial phase of his career, his name was famous as serial kisser for his lip locks with leading ladies of his films. But he has proved himself more than just a kisser. That is why he is considered as a fit for difficult roles in many multi star cast movies.

He has been part of many movies with Vidya Balan & Ajay Devgn because of good pairing and good end products. His amazing performance in Awarapan, Shanghai, OUATIM is a proof that he is an actor of unlimited scope. Apart from his acting skills, he has a different record on his name. The songs in which he features are mostly hit and the list is quite long.

His character “Shivam” in Awarapan is the most liked character of his career, followed by Shoaib from OUATIM. The movie is also by far most appreciated movie of his career.

Life Changing Experience

His personal life is quite stable with wife Parveen & only son Ayaan. Although it was never as stable as it is today. He has seen a tough time when his son was diagnosed with cancer. The story of his struggle of that time was captured in a book “The Kiss of Life”, written by Emraan Hashmi & Bilal Siddiqi. There is a description of the ordeal faced by family and various aspects of Emraan’s life and his career.

Since then the actor has been active in campaigning or raising funds for poor against the deadly disease. According to him that time was a life changing experience for him as a person.

The actor we see today is beyond a role and beyond a film. He has his shares of struggles and success. A mixture of failure & success, Ups & downs makes one’s life a story worth telling just like Emraan Hashmi’s. We wish the actor an amazing career ahead.

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