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Face of Crime Patrol – Annup Sonii quits the show after 8 years.

Yes it’s shocking. But Annup Sonii has confirmed that he is quitting Crime Patrol after 8 years. Read here for details.

Annup Soni quits the show for his love for acting.

It is really disheartening for the fans. After being the face of Sony’s Crime Patrol for 8 years, Actor Annup Sonii finally bids adieu to the show. According to the latest news the actor is currently serving the notice period after which he will put an end to his long journey at the show. Annup Sonii said that he is missing acting. He is an actor first and passionate for acting. 8 years is a long time and he had a wonderful time at the show. But now he feels is the time he should get back to acting. He even added that it’s been 5 years he hasn’t acted. Now he looks forward to doing films and shows. Annup Sonii will surely be missed by the fans at the show because with his mesmerising hosting for 8 years he had become synonymous to the show. We have heard people saying ‘Aaj Annup Sonii wale show pe aisa hua’ rather than saying ‘Aaj crime Patrol pe aisa hua’.

Annup Sonii wants to experiment with roles in acting.

Annup Sonii said that the show holds a special place in his heart and he has been very passionate hosting each and every episode. But he cannot kill the actor in him and wants to experiment with various roles in movies as an actor for which quitting the show was inevitable.

Though it’s sad to know that Annup Sonii will no longer be a part of the Crime Patrol, we are more eager to know what the actor is getting into. We are sure he’ll be glorious in whatever he does and wish him all the good luck.

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