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Firangi Movie Review : Kapil Sharma Should Stick to Comedy


Firangi is a pretty boring movie disguised as a period drama. Kapil Sharma has played the lead role in his own production, but it seems it has been a very big gamble for his money. The film is too long in this era of short and crisp films.


The film is set up in 1921 in a slave India. It revolves around life of a Man named “Manga”.He is an unemployed man who is trying to become a police man in British Force. He is a man with special power and uses it for people to relieve them of their pain. This special power lands him a job with a Police Inspector Mark Daniel (Edward Sonneblick). This job helps him improve his reputation and simultaneously puts him in trouble. Film also features Kumud Mishra who has played a corrupt and crooked king (Indervir Singh).He acquires villagers land by cheating villagers.Everyone start believing Manga to be culprit and a “Firangi” who has cheated all of them.To prove his innocence and love to Sargi & her fellow villagers, Manga plans to avenge. In this deed, he is supported by some villagers played by Rajesh Sharma,Inaamulhaq & Monica Gill.

Good Things

The setup of the film in the pre independence era looks ethereal. It is designed beautifully and immaculately.The backdrop of the village set in Punjab and characters look real. Kumud Mishra & Edward Sonneblick are good in negative shades. Some songs have beautiful lyrics and great melody.

Bad Things

Film is too long and confusing. It keeps on running for almost 3 hours. Kapil’s presence is their almost all the frames and his acting is not good with almost same expressions throughout. The editing is pathetic with huge gap and scope of improvement. Slow pace,long sequences and avoidable scenes adds to boredom.


Firangi is a pretty long movie with bad performances leaves audience bored. In an attempt to make a great period film it ends up a boring film. At one point director seems confused, he is trying to become Ashutosh Gowariker with an actor who can only do stand ups. They even imitiated the narration style from Lagaan in legendary voice of Amitabh Bachchan. Kapil Sharma overestimated himself to produce such film with himself as lead. In my opinion, he should have restricted his hand to comedy only. I can only give 1.5 stars to this movie out of 5.

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