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Fukrey Returns Review : “Choocha” will make you fall on floor laughing

fukrey returns

Living upto the legacy, Fukrey Returns is as good as Fukrey was. After a long time any movie has made me laugh so much. There is laughter in every frame of the movie. The reason of the laughter is character “Choocha” played by none other than Varun Sharma. His dialogues and timing will make you fall on the floor laughing.


Fukrey Returns is a sequel of 2013 hilarious movie Fukrey. It starts from 1 year hence where it ended. In the original one, Choocha has a gift of dreams which is molded by Hunny(Pulkit Samrat) to turn into a lottery number. This time gift of choocha has notched one step ahead,now he can see future. He can tell for himself and his friends,what is about to happen.

With the return of old enemy, Bholi Punjaban(Richa Chaddha), the  fukra party lands in a big soup. But they come up with new “jugaads” to come out of their problems using Choocha’s powers & Hunny’s cunning brain. This movie has shown Richa Chaddha in various colours ranging from bad to best. The film’s humour quotient is so high that you laugh at almost every dialogue from Choocha’s mouth.

Trying to get out of Bholi’s debt, the fukra party gets involved in circle of bigger problems involving politicians. All this masala and the a new angle to the previous story adds to the madness.


Fukrey Returns is a guarantee of madness & laughter. It is by far the most hilarious movie of 2013. Although it is very difficult to beat the concept of Fukrey released in 2013. Fukrey Returns faired very well. In terms of performance, the hilarious act of Varun Sharma is commendable. The dialogue writing  by Vipul Vig and the direction of Mrighdeep Singh Lamba brings in the perfect timing and execution  and makes it a laugh riot. The recap of Fukrey in the initial credits is quite interesting & novel. Pulkit Samrat, Ali Zafar & Mandeep Singh have also done a good job but their performance is over shadowed by Varun Sharma in this movie. Pankaj Tripathi a.k.a Panditji is amazing with his expressions,dialogue delivery and acting.

The underlying chemistry of Choocha & Bholi makes space of some hilarious romance. The songs are catchy and will definitely grab attention. This movie is a must watch if you love to laugh. Infact i can watch it again. I am giving this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.

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