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Govinda : Before Tough Times!!



A quintessential actor & comedian has been a part of industry for a very long time. He is known for his stellar dance moves & wonderful expressions. He has made millions of people laugh through his comic roles. At once he was famous for wearing more shiny clothes than female counter parts. He made silly look good. He was the only actor who had the courage to sport yellow and red pants.His dressing sense has still many fans all over India.

One such actor who has given happy moments to all the 90’s kids. At one moment his goofy acting can make you laugh and at another he can make you cry with his acting prowess In Late eighties & early nineties he was there in every house hold.People were crazy for him & his acting.

He has been favourite actor for many people. His long career boasts of many successful films. Many collaboration have been part of his career. Longest collaboration was with Shakti Kapoor, followed by Kadar khan. These collaborations certainly were fruitful. Many unforgettable roles were played during this time.

In 90’s he was casted frequently with Raveena Tandon, Juhi Chawla & Neelam Kothari. He was in huge demand during that time. Certainly one of the top notch actor of that time.When Khans were setting there grounds, he was ruling in his castle.

His wonderful career was cut short because of few bad roles & many bad decisions.Many roles he accepted failed to work & many he rejected became successful.One major blow was his break from films. When actors of his age were climbing the success ladders, he took break from films to focus on politics. He stayed in politics for few years to eventually leave it. Meanwhile the filmy career took the backseat. Constantly failing films, dipping demand, popularity of other actors & launch of new faces did much harm for him.

Now, Govinda is striving hard to make a good come back. But nothing seems to be working. He is struggling to set his foot again in industry, leaving no stone unturned to get back to his lost stardom. He has started looking younger than his appearance 10 years ago. We are looking forward to laugh with him once all over again. All of us at filmywhisky, wish him good luck & good roles.



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5 thoughts on “Govinda : Before Tough Times!!”

  1. The name ‘Chi-Chi’ brings a smile to even most indifferent follower of Bolywood. Acting in over 100 films, he has covered family drama, romance, serious roles and outright crazy comedy. No other actor so eassily carries it off as he does when it comes to comic roles. Show me a current hero whose dance matches his movements and expressions, and I pay you the next movie ticket!
    Standing on the road, you see a guy dressed up in 29+ colors, thats your man! thats Govinda! and only he can carry off these funky clothes 🙂
    Have had endless laughter with his kind of movies.. be it Dulhe Raja or Akhiyon Se Goli Maare 😛
    i like often make people watch these with me

    1. see Ranveer Singh…he does the same …indifferent clothes and remarkable acting… you can pay for the next movie tickets for me… :p

    2. Absolutely true!!
      No one like him.
      Everything about him was a style statement.
      Dulhe Raja is a laugh riot.
      Kudos to him for such hilarious roles.

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