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Guest iin London Review

guest iin london

Guest iin London

Starring :Kartik Aaryan,Kriti Kharbanda,Paresh Rawal, Tanvi Azmi

Director :Ashwini Dhir



Guest iin London is a copy of 2010 movie- Atithi kab jaoge by same director.Film has same story with different actor & different location. The earlier was a funny one. This one is trying too hard to be funny. Although,Paresh Rawal is one of the best comedian of the country.But he cannot make anyone laugh with bad old jokes & constant farting.

Coming back to the movie,it is about a techie named Aryan(Kartik Aaryan) & a cabbie named Anaya(Kriti Kharbanda) & their guest issues. Aryan & Anaya plans to get married as one wants UK Visa & other wants money to get a house.They fall in love in real as soon as they get married.

Every plan is running fine till one day, when their far off relatives come to their house.

The So called Uncle (Paresh Rawal) & Aunt(Tanvi Azmi) starts living in their house & a weird comedy starts cropping up when Uncle starts farting at every damn place possible.One more character who is known for his acting is there.But in this movie,he is not looking funny even though his character is supposed to be.

There are few new jokes which are taken over by a lot crass jokes. The crass level jumps over the roof with a whole song dedicated to farting. Even the mess up scene with the Boss is same like the older movie.

Although Kartik & Kriti brings some freshness in the movie.They have a wonderful chemistry in the movie.

Movie has some good songs also. Location backdrop is a plus for the movie.

But a comedy movie is nothing without good jokes & good comic timing.

Kartik (known for his Pyar Ka Punchnama stint) is slowly creating a Niche for himself as the next door chocolate hero.On the other hand Kriti Kharbanda is awesome as a BIB (British Indian Babe).

Climax of the movie takes a U turn trying to make it an emotional movie instead of comedy. But the effort seem to have wasted.Even a special appearance from original star of Atithi Kab Jaoge fails to save the movie.



With few good things and lot of bad things,I cannot give much to this movie.

For all those who are Kartik Aaryan fans can go to watch it.

There is no other reason to welcome this guest.

I am giving it 1.5 stars.


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