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Haseena Parkar Review- A movie in vain

haseena parkar review


Since the announcement of Haseena, a thought that do we lack inspiring people whose life deserve a biopic ran in many minds. Nevertheless the movie on Haseena Parkar is finally here. And it does not leave any impact.

The movie revolves around the life of only female Don of Mumbai. Sister of the most feared gangster Dawood Ibrahim- “Haseena Parkar” a.k.a “Aapa”. The story is largely uneventful, dull and bland. The actors fail to represent the power of Haseena and instead turns into a courtroom drama. A drama where everyone including the judge started sympathizing with her.

The brother sister duo (Shraddha and Siddhant) together fail to deliver the dread of Kaskar Dons. Siddhant Kapoor can be ranked as the least convincing on screen Dawood. His acting skills and dialogues lack the strength and go haywire to represent the formidable and vigorous Dawood.

With Haseena, Shraddha tried to move out of her zone of playing damsel in distress roles but her discomfort is largely evident on screen.

Use of prosthetics for a fuller mouth and dark foundation to give her a rustic appearance did not add any charm to the movie.


The in and out courtroom drama where Haseena narrates her story flashbacks to Mumbai of 70s to 90s. Glimpses of Mumbai of that era is the only plus point but is not enough to garner applauds . The movie does not sheds any lights upon how mother of four,a happy housewife & a religious woman rose to the level of godmother of Nagpada. Haseena Parkar tends to justify unlawful actions by Haseena and presents her as victim. In one of the scenes she even defends Dawood of his actions.

The question still remains intact, Have we ran out of ideal inspiring people whose life demands biopic, that a movie on Haseena Parkar is made?

And now even if its made, this one is shallow and fails to bind audience.

I am giving Haseena Parkar 2 out of 5 stars.

Those who want to watch Mumbai of 70’s, can go for this movie.


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