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Hichki review: a heart touching comeback by Rani!!


A mature actor, a mature role and an inspiring movie. Hichki is a sentimental, emotional and heart touching movie which sometimes gets melodramatic. Journey of an aspiring teacher who is suffering from Tourette Syndrome i.e. reaction to unfavourable and stressed situations. The sounds (chak chak) and neck movements that Protagonist makes at oh so apt timings. She is a treat to watch.


Naina Mathur, a woman who understands the difference education can make owing to her own struggles in obtaining this basic right is on a path to make a difference. Tourette syndrome holds her back initially as she receives multiple rejections in five years until one elite school agrees to give her a chance. A chance or a challenge, she is put up to teach a band of slum dwelling kids who are not only childishly notorious but downright rebellious in an otherwise leading school. Four months to exams and also to decide her credibility, whether she is worth it or not?

The movie inspires to convert your weakness to strengths. At teacher’s front when she deals with her neurological problem and the students from when the channelize their rebelliousness to the goal. The second half of the movie is somewhat overly dramatic, a stigma running through Bollywood. The student teacher connection that develops in the movie and the climax make Tourette syndrome take a back seat. A novelty which touches upon the needs of students with no special needs unlike Paa or Taare Zameen Par, Hichki is definitely the one to go for.


Rani Mukerji was as amazing as she appeared last on the big screen. The maturity of the actor clearly plays in her favour. Neeraj Kabi also does well given his peculiar role. The unruly students also did fair justice to their casting  A little complain from Siddhart P Malhotra as an otherwise brilliant movie was put through some overly melodramatic additions, unnecessary clichés.


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A movie worth a watch, especially for Rani fans… she is just brilliant like she never let the screen. I give Hichki 3.5 out of 5 stars. Go for it!!


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