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Himansh Kohli and Neha Kakkar not dating. Claims to be Best Friends.

Oh Humsafar

Sunny Sunny, The hit song from Yaariyan in 2013 was not only the turning point of the career for Singer Neha Kakkar but also marked the beginning of her friendship with actor Himansh Kohli. Today the Internet is rumouring about Himansh Kohli and Neha Kakkar dating, this is what Himansh Kohli has to say.

Rumours about Neha and Himansh’s dating and Himansh’s call on it.

Rumours started after Neha and Himansh had posted their romantic pictures on the social media. Himansh clarified that the said pictures have been clicked for a single where they are starring together. He even added that Neha is a very very dear friend to him. They have been working together for a very long time now. Though they might have denied it upfront, they really make a very cute couple. We would love to see them together.


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Publicity Stunt or real love?

No they are not dating each other. Some fans are even speculating it to be a publicity stunt for Oh Humsafar, their upcoming single.


About Oh Humsafar.

Oh Humsafar has been composed by Tony Kakkar. Neha Kakkar not only sings the number but also stars in it beside Himansh Kohli. It’s a very cute lovely romantic single. It is based on some nice situations that couples do when on vacation and youngsters will definitely love it and connect to it. Looking to the response the pair is recieving even before the song is released just by its photos, Himansh suggests Neha to work in movies with him as the audience would appreciate the Jodi and love to watch them together more often.


Himansh’s view on convincing Neha for the Big screen.

Himansh wants Neha to get on the Big Screen Now. He says she’s a very popular face in the music industry for years now. And it’s now time that she should get popular with the films as well. He wants to wait for the song to release and become a big hit before he can convince Neha to work in films. He’s just hopeful that she will get convinced to work in films.


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The count down has begun. Just 4 days before the release of Oh Humsafar. It’s due to release on 17th April 2018. Excited?

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