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Hollywood breaking news: Cardi B and Offset talking again. Is mending relationship on the cards?

Hollywood breaking news

Just a week after Cardi B took to Instagram to reveal her failed marriage with Offset, Hollywood breaking news of tonight is the estranged couple is talking again. Is this a step towards mending relationship? Read here to know details.

The Migos rapper is not giving up on his failed marriage.

Cardi B took to Instagram last week to inform fans about her failed marriage. (Read here Hollywood breaking news: Cardi B and Offset split just 4 months after birth of their daughter Kulture. See the shocking revelation) However, it seems that Offset is not ready to give up. He took to Instagram on December 14th to apologise to Cardi B for being a messed up husband. And that’s not it. He is reportedly begging Cardi B for an opportunity to mend things. So, Cardi B and Offset are talking again and this could be their first step towards mending their fractured marriage. After all communication is the first step towards healing any relationship.

Offset is relieved to be atleast talking again to Cardi B.

Offset is relieved that he is again talking to Cardi B immediately after their split. Things are still tensed between them but Offset loves her a lot and is ready to do anything that takes to make things right between them. He is begging to Cardi B to take him back and wishes to celebrate the holidays with her and their daughter. He loves her like anything and wants to make things right between them and the first step towards the same is by apologizing.

Cardi B is shocked, hurt and is not rushing to forgive Offset.

We all know that Offset is accused for having a threesome behind Cardi’s back while she was pregnant. Cardi is deeply hurt and shocked, so she is taking baby steps towards mending things. She is still far from letting him back in her life or forgiving him and is talking to him just to decide whether she should let him back or not. But whatever it is Cardi still finds Offset irresistible and that’s the reason she is in a fix.

It’s highly likely that Cardi B will see Offset on Christmas Eve.

Cardi B is going to spend the Christmas with her family. But it is highly likely that she will atleast see Offset for the same. This is because she will not bloc him for seeing their daughter on Christmas. This nowhere means that she has forgiven him or taken him back. It’s just a sign of being a good parent to Kulture. Cardi’s priority is her daughter and she will not come in the way of spending time with her daddy.

So are you relieved seeing the first steps towards mending things between Cardi B and Offset? Share your views in the comments below.

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