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Hollywood Breaking News: Jennifer Lopaz and Alex Rodriguez are now all set to tie a knot

Hollywood Breaking News

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Finally this guy, Alex Rodriguez popped up with his proposal to the hot celebrity Jennifer Lopez after the long term relation of 2 years. Alex finally declared with the Hollywood breaking news on Instagram, mentioning “She said Yes!!”

After a long relationship started back in 2017, this was the time when Alex finally got the moment of capturing her in his Beautiful Million dollar ring. If you have been a continuous follower of Je-Lo, and Alex’s social handles, you might have guessed something big is going to happen in some time.

Announcement breaking the net

The famous former football player, Alex Rodriguez made a special announcement. He made an announcement last weekend of getting engaged with her long term, girlfriend Jennifer Lopez. Now the hot celebrity shows off her Million Dollar Square-cut Diamond engagement ring to her 88.5 million followers on Insta.

Alex’s and J-Lo’s Instagram posts flooded over the internet on the special weekend night; coming up with million best wishes and love. The ring is estimated to worth $1.4 million dollars, with being 15 carats. This happened on a Saturday night when they both were out to the Bahamas, a perfect place to get committed, isn’t it??!!

Wedding Dates in the News

We have a buzz that the couple was actively seen busy in the renovation of their Miami House. Though there has been no declaration of the wedding dates or month yet, not have planned. The couple has given the glimpse of their engagement rings, which indeed is a perfect Jenn-Alex Commitment Ring. The couple celebrated their 2 years relationship anniversary in a high throw up style of Jenni of course, at Malibu spending quite a $6 million for that property only.

Jennifer is getting fifth time engaged. This  49 year old Hollywood Superstar is really got a great charm when it comes to her movies and acting. Great glamour and powerful woman she is! There have been several opinions storming around about the Engagement Emerald-cut Diamond ring, gifted by Alex to this J-Lo. Some say it would be worthing around 2 million, some say above $1 million.

Now, whatever the debates may be, the point is the couple has been committed after this long term relationship. Moreover, they are going to be together into the knots forever after this. The blessings to the love birds. Happy flying together.!!! For more updates, stay tuned with us.

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