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Hollywood breaking news: Justin Bieber puts music on hold for indefinite period for this cute reason.

Hollywood breaking news

Beliebers better leave the hopes of having new release from Justin Bieber soon as he has put all his music on hold and that too for an indefinite period. Read on here for more details on this Hollywood breaking news.

Justin Bieber puts music on hold to enjoy marital bliss.

Justin Bieber is one of the biggest and hottest pop stars in the world. But surprisingly he has put his music career on a hold for an indefinite period so that he can use all his energy in enjoying his newly married life with Hailey Baldwin, 21. Justin Bieber is not recording any music right now and keeps on saying that he wants to spend time and hang out with his wife Hailey Baldwin.

Hailey Baldwin’s goals differ from Justin Bieber though.

Hailey Baldwin on the other hand differs from Justin on career goals and is ready to bounce back to her modeling and designing career. Hailey seems to be more ready to work as compared to Justin and this is even causing the conflicts between the newly weds. However it’s nothing major and both of them are very much in love with each other and are crazy. But the facts remain that both of them are not on the same page as far as work is concerned and Hailey has a lot of energy for the work she wishes to do.

Bieber has already conquered music and hates touring any more.

Justin Bieber has been working very hard from a very young age and has already conquered the world of music. Now if he releases any new album he will have to go on touring and stage to promote his new album which he hates absolutely. His purpose tour took him to the brink of collapse. After being on a tour for almost 16 months with more than 150 performances in over 40 countries, Justin was emotionally drained and had to cancel all his further dates post July 2017. He even wrote a message to his fans saying that he does want his career to be sustainable but more than that he wants his mind and soul to be sustainable so that he can be a good husband and good father that he eventually wishes to be.

It’s been long since Justin had a laid back season in his life.

Justin Bieber’s dream of becoming a good husband just materialised as he married the woman of his life, Hailey Baldwin on 13th September, 2018 in the courtroom of NewYork and he doesn’t want anything to be coming it’s way. Justin Bieber has been working hard of really long and it’s been a long time since he has had a laid back period of his life. According to the sources, he will be returning to the work soon but the fact remains that he doesn’t need to. He has a networth of over $250 million and cash would never be a reason for him to resume working. Hailey Baldwin understands how hard Justin has been working since such a young age and is absolutely fine with him taking a break in his life.

So, do you appreciate Justin Bieber taking a break for his love life? Share your view in the comments below. Stay tuned here for more such Hollywood breaking news.

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