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Hollywood Stars: Cast of Harry Potter Series, wishes to work together

Hollywood stars

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Pranking on each other is a part of human connection and living. Well, it is popular among movie star too… A recent interview by Hollywood stars has made it on highlights regarding their pranks and also their desires of working together.

One such “wish” of a Hollywood actor is put into words below:

One of the most fascinated and admired series “Harry Potter’ which is based on the stories of J. k rolling novels, not only enthralled the children but grown up too. With its magical chants and stories of one of a kind, this movie was always on the hit list of viewers.

Daniel Radcliffe, 29, star who played Harry Potter and the character of Draco Malfoy was played by the Tom Felton 31. The characters played by them were both contrasting in the series of Harry Potter.  There is no doubt that these characters had shaped their Hollywood career immensely. As reported recently, both the actors have shown interest to work together in the future, but on other storylines.

Tom Felton 31, Hollywood actor who has gone a long way in his career with an ample amount of successful movies under his name. Furthermore, Felton had recently wished to play a positive role against Daniel Radcliffe.

The actor says he wished to be a good guy and Daniel gets to play the villain- as quoted.

Felton has bonded well with other actors too. Furthermore, he recalled the old days spent with actor Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson where he taught her to skateboard, last November in L.A. They posted their fun which encounters on social media. Therefore, he added further about their meet up as Emma who was shooting nearby and hence, they planned to meet.

He said “I always enjoy spending time with her.’’

Moreover, there are other frolic incidents which were reported between star Felton and Rupert Grint (played by Ron Weasley).

We hope to see these Hollywood stars coming together again. Therefore,  leaving the audience in Awww state…!

Stay tuned with us.

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