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Hot celebrity Kylie Jenner might not marry Travis Scott Inspite of Stormi.

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Kylie Jenner might have moved into the luxurious $13.45 million mansion with her baby daddy Travis Scott but this doesn’t mean that she is getting married to him any sooner. In fact she might not marry him at all despite their daughter Stormi. Read here for details of this decision of the hot celebrity.

Kylie Jenner has some doubts in getting married with Travis Scott.

Though Kylie Jenner is head over heels in love with her baby daddy Travis Scott, she feels getting married to him might complicate things. A source close to Kylie revealed that Kylie always wanted get married young, buy her new home and start family of her own, and though all her dreams are coming true and she is excited buying her new home with Travis Scott, she is having second thoughts on marrying beau Travis Scott.

The billionaire businesswoman might not turn down Travis though.

Not that Kylie would turn down Travis if he proposes her on his knees and surprises her with a ring. She infact wants that to happen and would love to be his fiancé. However Kylie feels that going beyond that and ending up in a marriage with Travis Scott would complicate things real soon and which she doesn’t want to happen.

Kylie doesn’t want to push on things and wants to take one step at a time.

Now that things are going so well between the two, Kylie doesn’t want to push onto anything and wants to take only one step at a time. She will first figure out how things go living with him in their new home with their daughter before entering into any committment with Travis Scott.

We hope things work out well between the two and we get to see the hot celebrity getting married sooner than later. However not pushing on things and giving time to their relationship also seems right though. Share your views in the comments below. Stay tuned for more updates on the hot celebrity.

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